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Is Google Really Free?

Google is a promoting organization and its greatest item is you, the client. The organization controls very nearly 90 % of the pursuit showcase in the UK, and just about 96 % of Google's income still originates from promoting.

Google web crawler is free (complimentary) to use, and also numerous different items they offer. Google profits with (in addition to other things) AdSense and the shopping recommendations on Google. 

Also, they make this tremendous database out of sight which they can use to give better hunt data and deals offers. Extraordinarily the connection amongst AdSense and the internet searcher inquiries is intriguing in this regard, and in addition how Google can "watch" you utilize sites that element ads by AdSense. 

You don't pay cash for utilizing the Google web search tool or their other free items, yet you do impart a tremendous measure of information to Google on the off chance that you utilize their items. Furthermore, the estimation of that information effectively surpasses the value you would pay for their item. 

As such: you are paying Google for utilizing their items, yet this is an installment in a money that does not fit in your wallet or financial balance. What's more, too numerous this is equivalent to free.

Why is Google free? 

world’s largest search engine is always free.
Consistently the site returns 1 billion indexed lists all inclusive and serves up billions of promotions close by. The key to progress is in the size of its task. 

The primary item is its enormous pool of clients and broad information about how they carry on the web. This information is utilized to coordinate organizations with potential clients, serving up advertisements that clients will probably need to click.

If Google is free, how does it make so much money?

Each time we tap on a connection or run a search, Google gets the hang of something helpful about us and about the world. Each time we say "OK Google" and make an inquiry, its discourse acknowledgment framework shows signs of improvement. Our messages and our Google Docs are an abundance of information to sustain the Google AI beast.

1)Targeted advertising.( Google AdWords and  Google’s AdSense )

2)Trusted brand.

3)Collecting user data.
Chrome gives important information about browsing habits for the company and has been depicted it as an "astoundingly beneficial" item.

The old saying is exactly right — if something is free, you are the product.

We all benefit from the apps Google creates. But right now all of the data is going through Google. They hoover up all the value. They have control of it.

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