Avoid Simple 7 Mistakes While Developing Your Dream Website

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Having a website is necessary to run a business successfully. A website is a part of your marketing strategy to grab the attention of visitors and transform into regular customers. I truly understand building and running a website is a daunting task for a businessman. However, a website is like ‘first impression is the last impression’ for your audience, therefore, you need to make sure that the website is easier and has a proper user interface.

However, building a website is an easier task with the help of the right tools even you don’t have technical knowledge.
But let me tell you one thing, in the 21st century, only building a website is not good enough. Your business needs a good looking and appealing website because it matters a lot to the health of your dream business.
So there are several ways you can avoid the situation of a visitor coming to the web page and returning back immediately. 
Generally, business owners make some mistakes while developing a website. Avoiding such mistakes are quite easier than looking for love in a hopeless destination. Here we have listed 7 Mistakes while developing a website that everyone does. Are you one of them? Let’s move ahead and keep a website away from harmful mistakes.
Failing to Make a Website Mobile Friendly:

I would say it’s an ultimate mistake. A responsive website is the first priority to target mobile users. Needless to say, mobile users are much more than desktop users nowadays. A mobile responsive website responds to its users the best possible viewing experience. We all know that almost 70% of the audience uses mobile phones to browse therefore we need to have a mobile-first design to make sure that the audience sticks by your website. Let’s understand it in a simple way when a user visits your website through his mobile phone, a site’s layout will show in a different manner. This means a website will no longer in a better accessible way if it’s a non-responsive site.

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Do you know that around 61% of users feel trouble accessing a website on a mobile device?
So, when choosing a website development platform to build your website, make sure you choose one which offers responsiveness. Stay away from the stagnant design that will ruin your mobile visitors' interest. As the visitor can be a lead to you once they visit the website, however, you may lose a business opportunity with a bad website.
Fail to Choose Right Theme and its Customization:
Today, a website builder opts for a content management system like WordPress, Joomla, etc to build a website. Such content management systems offer free and paid themes within few clicks. After choosing a domain name and hosting, you should select the right theme to match your business requirements. It is important to make up your mind beforehand so that any mistakes are avoided on the forefront. No matter which platform do you use for your website development, you should have to customize it to keep it aligned with your business style. Otherwise, your website will be one of the thousands of ordinary sites on the internet. A huge mistake, it will not happen. Don’t know how to customize it? I have an easy way to customize your website as per your brand style. Hire a web development expert to personalize your web theme to transform into your dream website. Neglecting the Readability Factor:
Most of the website owner does not put a focus on content readability factor. Do you? If not, you are doing a big mistake. How? Your content is not readable to your audience means they will not read your whole piece of content and leave your web pages. Will this help to get more traffic and so leads? You have the answer. Only customization and responsiveness do not make your website good for visitors. A well-formatted and attractive piece of content is essential. Few factors of making content readable: Font Types: a font family should be chosen based on website categories. You can’t use kid’s website font to your hardcore business website. However, I would suggest Sans-serif fonts as it’s a little flourish and readable on the web. Font Size: Do not use a variety of font sizes. It may confuse your readers to identify which sentence or phrase is important. Go with 3-4 font sizes and categorized them in H1 to H4. This format makes your website content readable and Google will like it too.
Believing a Lot in Pop-Up
Do you know who invented the Pop-up block? Ethan Zuckerman. He has apologized for inventing one of the hated ways of digital advertising on the Internet. Pop-Up is one of the most hated forms of advertising as no visitors would love it. Do you want to use the pop-up section multiple times on your website? Beware; it’s a red signal for you. You can add it to tell your visitors to join your mailing list or share the post or follow on social media. This is valid and most of the visitors do not bother with it. Use this section only when you think your visitors would love it to get it appeared. Otherwise, your move may get reverse and you get a loss of traffic.

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Do not hesitate to use a pop-up trick to allure visitors but do not go crazy for it.
Are you doing any of the above mistakes on your website? YES and want to resolve them as soon as possible. we would love to help you resolving them and making your website user-friendly. As a website plays the most crucial role in your business and lead generation process. So you have to avoid the above mistake and make the user happy once he/she leaves the page. The website needs to be appealing and should solve the purpose of the user rather than confusing them as it can lead to loss of business.

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All you have to do is finalize on the design and then work on the development part making the website SEO-friendly with good quality content so that it is visible to the audience.

Post Credit:- Alisha Khan
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