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Best Tips to Get Traffic from Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media websites using by billions of people every day from various countries. So today we have decided to give some tips on how to drive traffic from Facebook and twitter to your website. Now to be honest there is no shortcut you have spend hours on Facebook and Twitter to build a community which you can then use to drive traffic to your blog.

Tips to Get Traffic on Blog from Facebook

First of all, you have to create a Facebook account if you don’t have yet. Now Facebook is very busy social media site. Gone those days where you could viral your post within minutes. Now you need to work your Ass off.
Make sure to use Facebook desktop version, instead of using Facebook on your mobile phone as the desktop version has more features..

Here are some tips to build a Facebook community and drive traffic to your website.

·        Make a Facebook Page on a User-Friendly and Catchy name.
·        Invite Your Friends to like your page. (After 30 like change default URL to the custom URL and use your site name as URL).
·        Create a Facebook Group and add your friends to it.
·        Use 3 to 4 Facebook accounts and add more and more members in it.
·        You can use Google Chrome Extension for sending Invite to your Facebook page.
·        Write content on a big event like Happy new year and create Facebook Event Pages. People are more likely to like pages of events.
·        Use Good Hashtags and Tag your Friends in the post.
·        Use a Catchy Image and use a URL shorter for your post (Google URL Shortener)
·        Post Memes and GIFs on your Facebook Page and Group to keep them active.

How to Increase Traffic on Website from Twitter

Nowadays, every celebrity is using Twitter and Tweeting about their daily life activities. According to me, it is a little easy to get lots of traffic from Twitter than Facebook but everyone has different opinions.

First of all, create a Twitter account if you don’t have it yet.

·        Follow famous celebrities, TV Channels, News Channels.
·        Share your post on Twitter using Good Hashtags and URL shorten by Google URL Shortened.
·        Tweet Regularly on Matches and Trending Hashtags. Hashtags are the heart of twitter.
·        The more you follow, the more will follow you. So go to your competitor's account and follow all his followers, some of them will definitely follow back.
·        Once you will get 10K or more followers, you will easily fetch up to 1K traffic to your site from Twitter.
·        Use a Catchy Image in every post, because people are more likely to see images than reading something.
·        Tweet about Memes and GIFs as everybody loved funny stuff.
·        Wish Birthdays to Celebrities with a funny touch
·        Tweet about Cricket Matches, Kabaddi, Campaigns Hashtags to increase your followers.

Does Social Sharing Help in SEO or Ranking?

Never ever dare to ignore Social Score. They definitely help to boost rankings.
Social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon (Mix), Reddit drives a lot of traffic which indirectly helps in Page ranking. I have seen many sites getting millions of traffic monthly only from 3 or 4 social sites.
So, don’t ignore Social at any cost. Share your post on social first then submit it in Search Console. It is a fact that Google crawls most of the URLs which are shared on Social Sites.

The Best 5 Social Sites to Share Post?

My top 5 picks of Social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Linkedin. You can drive lots of traffic once you mastered the art of social media.


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