How to Convert Non-Smart TV Into A Smart TV?

Earlier we used to buy heavy TVs in our home, but now we all want to buy or choose smart TV over the old dumb TVs. Smart TVs are much more than just a TV. Users of Smart TVs do not have to be dependent upon the connection of cable or dish to watch their favorite channels or any other video streaming platforms. 

Choosing a smart TV can be difficult from a bunch of options. They come in different sizes and prices like 32 inch, 42 inch, 65 inch or prices like under 10000,20000,30000 or Smart TV under 60000, etc. People often get confused about buying a smart TV. 

But what about those people who have already purchased the LED TV and now they do not want to spend more money to purchase another TV. Purchasing a TV needs a lot of money and people who already have purchased the new LED TV do not want to spend their money again. 

There is another way by using that you can easily convert your non-smart LED TV into a brand new Smart LED TV. All you need is a device to convert that TV and a free HDMI or USB port depending upon the device. 
Without wasting any time let’s take a look

Convert your Non-Smart TV into Smart TV

To convert your existing TV into the smart TV you need to use some of the devices like Google Chromecast, USB port devices, Media player boxes, amazon fire TV stick or Apple TV, etc. Let's study them in detail. 

Portable Media Devices 

These devices are the cheapest and easiest ways to convert your existing TV into a Smart one. All you need is a device that is connected to your TV's USB free port. After that just connect your TV to Wi-Fi with the help of this device and you are ready to use your brand new smart TV. 

These devices do not allow you to have any internal storage in it. The best device in this category is Google's Chromecast. You can get Google Chromecast by ordering it online., it will cost between 1500-4000 Rs. 

This is the most affordable device you can easily get it online and also this is very much easy to use. 

Apple TV


Apple TV is also the device by connecting it with your TV you can convert your non-smart TV into Smart TV. It has the same issue of internal storage in it as Google’s chrome cast. You can enjoy all the video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, etc. But you cannot store anything in it.

Users can watch all types of video content that you have purchased or took on rent. To connect it with your device you need to have or take the help of some apps like Plex, PlayTo or Apple TV Airplay Media Player.

Users have to connect the device with the TV and then follow all the instructions of the app. It also comes with a smart remote which is based on voice-based technology. By using this remote you can easily operate your TV by commanding in your voice. This has an advantage that you can filter the content based on age, ratings and put a locked TV on some streams that you do not want your children to watch. It also supports 4k content and even connects with smart speakers like an echo. 

You can find this device online and get it for Rs 8000. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick


It is one the most affordable and best way to convert your non-smart tv into a smart one. It comes with all the combination which are necessary for a smart TV like RAM, internal storage, quad-core processor. By having internal storage with it, users can also enjoy all the offline content as well. People can easily download and save stuff in it. 

It costs only Rs 3999 online to get. It also supports all types of video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, etc. This also has the voice-based remote technology and the biggest advantage of having these types of remotes is they do not connect to the signal in front of the TV. 

They are connected to the TV with Bluetooth technology and you can use the remote in any way or direction in the range of Bluetooth. This also allows its users to get the information of data used by the TV. Many times people who are using their smart TVs on mobile hotspot miss to get the information of data used by them and they started to use the paid data by the company. 

It helps users to track the data usage and even put a reminder to the limit of the data usage. Users can set a limit on them and also track their usage. 

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