10 Best Earphones Under Rs 500 in India 2020

This is the one you're going to buy, you might not have heard better earphones then these. Other headphone brands don’t want you to find out how good these are.
We have included both with mic and without mic in-ear headphones.

 if you are looking for the best earphones under 500 Rs then you are at the right place.
If you are a budget smart owner then definitely you are not going to spend much on your earphones so that’s why we have created this post for you.
This article is for all those who are looking for the best earphones under 500 rupees.
So today in this article I’ll be telling you the list of top 10 best earphones below 500 rupees.
This article is divided into three parts, in the first part I will give you a list of top 10 earphones
And then I will provide you with buyers guide so that you won’t end up buying a wrong product for you
And then in last I will cover some most common FAQ and answer your queries and questions so without wasting time let’s take a look at some of the be
Features You will get in these cheap and affordable earbuds under Rs 500-
  • Stylish design and good build quality.
  • Earphones are very comfortable with great bass.
  • They are very good for calling and music.
  • Ideal for Mobile Android games like PubG Mobile.
  • The headphones are budget-friendly and very durable.
  • They provide perfect noise isolation.

Best Earphones In India 2020

1. PTron Boom 2 Headphone

If you are looking for a budget earphone then the PTron boom is the best choice for you.

These earphones provide a comfortable feel inside ears also its design looks really premium.

This earphone is built with high tensile strength tangle-free twisted cable which makes it more durable so it includes mic and volume control.

The gold plated dynamic drivers provide you with an incredible surround sound with crisp mid-range and no distortion on bass and all of them sums up to provide you with an amazing sound experience.

This is one of the best bass earphones under 500 with a mic.

This product comes with 12 months of warranty.

1. Tangle Free Cable
2. Anti Noise
3. Mic Included
4. Connector Type 3.5mm
5. Comfortable And Durable
6. Comes With 12 Months of Warranty

2)JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones With Mic (Blue)

JBL is a well-developed brand in speakers and earphones, JBL is well known for the sound quality it provides in its products.

This JBL C50Hi comes with clear bass and JBL signature sound, Google Assistant and Siri also supported in this earphone and a high-quality mic and one-button universal remote also included.

Being lightweight and comfortable, this earphone comes with 3 sizes ear tips for different ear sizes and the brand provides 1 year of manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase


1. Voice Assistant Supported

2. JBL Signature Sound

3. Mic Included

4. Connector Type 3.5mm

5. Comfortable And Durable

6. Comes With 12 Months of Warranty

3)Boat Bassheads 242
If you looking decent sport earphones under 500 Rs, then Boat Bassheads 242 is a really good option for you. The earphones come with stylish sporty design and sweat & dust resistant body.

The earphone comes with nice sporty design and ear fins which offer you a comfortable experience. And the best part is that the earphones offer a very secure fitting, so while jogging and running, it doesn’t fall from your ears.

Coming to sound quality, the earphone offers you very loud and heavy Bass, same as other Bass headphones. The other vocals and treble sound are a little bit overpowered but at the end result, you get energetic audio. So overall audio output is really ideal for GYM and sport activity.

Product Features:

  1. In the Ear
  2. Wired Headphones
  3. Microphone
  4. 10 Hz (Min) - 20 kHz (Max) Frequency Response
  5. Deep Bass
  6. Sweat Proof
  7. Foldable
  8. 1-year warranty

4)Mi Earphone Basic With Ultra Deep Bass And Mic (Red)

MI is one of the most trusted brands in the smartphone industry, and when it comes to smartphone accessories.

It never fails to impress us with its high-quality product build quality and performance.

These high-quality silicone earbuds are made to provide an awesome music experience.

These earbuds come with tangle-free cable and deep bass, so if you are a bass lover then surely you are going to like this product.

It has a built-in mic with play and pause button for calling and other stuff.

Connectivity type is 3.55 mm and the AUX is bent 45 degrees fro longer durability.

Available in three colors Black, Blue and red and comes with 6 months of warranty.


1. Tangle Free Cable
2. Deep Bass
3. Mic Included
4. Connector Type 3.5mm
5. Comfortable And Durable

6. Comes With 6 Months of Warranty

5)Realme Earbuds With Mic 

Are you a true bass lover? well, Realme Earbuds offers 160 percent louder bass, high-frequency response and 11 mm drivers for powerful thunderous notes.

Built-in magnets make carrying easy, the earphones can easily stick together using the magnets and don’t fall from your neck.

Wires are protected with break-resistant kevlar fiber which makes them more durable.

Control your music and calls with three-button remote control and even summon google assistant with three tactile inline buttons with mic.


1. 160% Louder Bass
2. Magnetic Earphones
3. Mic Included
4. Connector Type 3.5mm
5. Kevlar Protected

6. Comes With 6 Months of Warranty

7. boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones With Mic
Boat is one of the well-developed brands in the earphone market, boat bass heads 100 in-ear headphones are designed to provide you with an experience which no other product can provide.

The earphone is equipped with a 10mm audio driver to provide you crystal clear sound with enhanced bass.

The inbuilt mic comes with noise isolation and makes your calls clear and smooth, this product comes with two exciting color options to match your style.

Boat provides 1 year of warranty on this product.


1. 10mm Dynamic Driver
2.  1.2m Cable Length
3. HD Mic Included
4. Connector Type 3.5mm
5. Amazing Sound Quality

6. Comes With 12 Months of Warranty

8)PTron Magg Headphone Magnetic Earphone
Looking for high-performance earphones at a cheap price? then PTron Magg Headphone is for you, this earphone provides you ultimate performance at an affordable price.

These headphones are tangle-free and magnetic, you can easily stick both the earbuds together and wear them as a necklace in your neck, sound’s great right?

The earphones are very comfortable in ears and fit correctly inside your ear.

The 2 powerful 10mm drivers are ready to provide you with great sound quality, now enjoy your favorite tracks with awesome sound quality.

Take your calls without even touching your mobile from the button remote included in it, the mic comes with a noise reduction feature for crystal clear voice calls.

If you are looking for best earphones under 500, then just go for it


1. 10mm Powerful Driver
2.  1.2m Anti Tangle Cable
3. HD Mic Included
4. Connector Type 3.5mm
5. Amazing Sound Quality
6. Comes With 12 Months of Warranty

9. Philips SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat Earphones
Philips Upbeats is an awesome choice for those who want a great sound quality at an affordable price.

The earphone comes with an integrated call button and microphone and the perfect in-ear seal blocks the outer noise and gives you the only awesome sound quality.

These earphones are popular for their compact design and the fact that you can easily wear them inside your helmet.

Philips offers 3 interchangeable rubber caps for different ear sizes so that it will fit in your ears perfectly.

The product comes with 6 months of warranty from the date of purchase.

Philips provides some of the best earphones under 500 rs and this is one of them


1. Comfortable To Wear
2.  1.2m Cable
3. 3 Extra Rubber Caps
4. Connector Type 3.5mm
5. Amazing Sound Quality

6. Comes With 6 Months Of Warranty

10. Motorola Pace 100 In-Ear Headphones With Mic

This is one of the best earphones from a smartphone brand Motorola.

This earphone comes with perfect in-ear seal which blocks all the incoming noise from outside, also it has an integrated microphone for calling purpose, it also supports voice integration like google assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc.

The 10mm speaker driver provides great sound with rich bass.

The product comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty and Motorola is one of the best earphone brands.


1. Comfortable To Wear
2.  1.2m Cable
3. Rich Bass And Treble
4. Connector Type 3.5mm
5. Amazing Sound Quality
6. Comes With 12 Months Of Warranty

Recently I bought this one and its Worth the money.  

Buying Guide For Best Earphones Under 500

Whenever you are planning to buy an earphone, there are some points that you always have to remember before purchasing it else you will end up buying a wrong earphone for you.

Whenever we search online for best earphones there are a few questions that always arise in our mind like which is the best earphone? which is the best earphone brand? which are better earphones or headphones?

So in this section, I will provide you with a comprehensive buyer’s guide, so you will not get confused next time.

These are some important things you have to consider before buying any earphone
All the headphones we have discussed in this article come under the category of in-ear headphones, we also call them earphones in general. So basically in-ear headphones or earphones have two different designs

Ear-Clip Design:

 These headphones come with a clip that secures the earphone from falling. The clip usually sticks behind your ears like a loop and won’t let them fall easily even if you are doing some physical activity like running, swimming, etc.

Based on connectivity we have two buying options available.

Wired Headphones & Earphones:

These types of earphones don’t require any external power source or battery input, they are plug and play. Usually, all the earphones support 3.5mm connectivity. 

You are not going to get any delay in sound transmission in case of wired earphones also you are going to get awesome sound quality.


There are some common features that an earphone must have to provide you with a perfect experience. 

Mic Quality:

 First of all, an earphone must have a built-in mic, and the mic must be durable sweat-resistant and have good noise cancellation and high speech intelligibility. 

Active Noise Cancellation: Reduces unwanted ambient noise, it features a secondary microphone that captures the noise and then it is removed from the original sound. 

Tangle Free Cables: Tangled earphones are very annoying, but nowadays, earphones are coming with tangle-free cables, flat or serrated cables are ideal for tangle-free earphones.

best earphones under rs 500 in indiabest earphones under rs 500 in indiabest earphones under rs 500 in indiabest earphones under rs 500 in india

FAQ on Earphones Under 500 in India:

Question 1: Which brand is best for earphones?

Answer: Every brand has different features and sound quality. Here we have listed brands with the best earphones.

bAot- Buy Boat Earphones or Headphones for the best possible Build Quality and Craftsmanship.

Skullcandy- Skullcandy earphones are generally moderately priced, and the brand is often preferred by Indian music enthusiasts over other brands for its value for money.

Sony- Sony has a strong presence in Indian Earphones Market and most of the Indian Consumers still using its basic version of headphones.

JBL- JBL is known for its high-quality sound speaker system and it also has a strong presence in the Headphone market too.

Question 2: Which earphone is best for bass?

Answer: In this price point of Rs 500, boAt BassHeads 100 (cost you around Rs 400) and boAt BassHeads 220 (Cost you around Rs 600) are best in this segment.

Question 3: Which wireless earphone is best?

Answer: There is no such good wireless earphone under 500 rupees price tag till now India but you can still get some cheap wireless headphone or earphone on Amazon 

Question 4: Which is the best site to buy earphones?

Answer: There are many online options available to buy earphones. You can even directly buy from the company’s website like MI and boat.

We will recommend you to always go with Amazon because it is one of the best-trusted sites to buy products 

best headphones under 500 rs in indiabest headphones under 500 rs in indiabest headphones under 500 rs in india
best headphones under 500 rs in indiabest headphones under 500 rs in indiabest headphones under 500 rs in india


In this article we have talked about some of the best earphones under 500 rs, you can have a look at our list and select any of them according to your needs.
I will keep updating this list on a regular basis so that I can keep you updated with the latest trends.

If you guys have any questions about best earphones under 500, feel free to ask them in the comment section below, I will be happy to assist you.

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