5 Ways To Determine If A Website Is Fake, Fraudulent Or A Scam

In today’s contemporary world of technology, it has become a crucial part of our life. From the working class to the general public, everyone is connected to technology in one way or the other. Everything is just a single click away, but this single click can be as dangerous as keeping your lockers open for a thief.

From doing Online Banking to browsing a random website, a person should always be cautious about his knowledge and information that they have regarding that website. It is true that today, technology is in every one hand, but to be wise enough to use this technology is a big question. And that question is not always very answerable for everyone. We need to look for those answers for the queries that may help you to move a step ahead towards the solutions.

The information that we need to know is also dubious to relay if we are an outsider or we are not from the expert field. This cautious behavior is required as everything today is linked. One needs to check if the video-sharing platform like Dailymotion is safe or not. It is connected in a way that is easier for your system. The information that we may forget is very much accessible for the system to access anytime. 

Because of such advancements in technology, the risk has also increased in such a way that if we were unaware of a few precautionary measures, we might need to pay a lot in return. Along with all these negative aspects of technology, we should thank the different ways that are available to make us aware of such fake websites that look similar to the original one. The ways to determine the authenticity of a website are:

1. Check The URL Of The Website 

The URL is the first familiar thing that is visible on the address bar, and if the URL begins with “http” instead of “https,” that means that the website is not secured. For getting that security, the companies must obtain approval and validation through an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificate secures the data that is passed through the browser onto a website’s server.


2. The Address Bar Provides Information On Security And Validation

 The Extended Validation Certificate is very much visible as a green address bar with a lock icon on it. This green address bar cannot be faked as it shows the proof of identity and authenticity of that website.

Yes you are completely secure in this website.

3. The Logo And Trust Seals 

The next thing that makes a customer believe on that website is the LOGO or the Trust Seals that a company or a brand uses as a symbol of its identity and also to make them distinguishable from other fake companies. This Seal displays the verified information when we click on them and informs the customers about its validation and authentication. For example, every application like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail has a particular trust seal that helps the customer to identify the correct one.


4. The Brand Style 

Shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, or Club factory have their way of writing the brand name, but sometimes, the scammers or illegal sources try to depict that way of writing to fool the typical user. These scammers create such sites so that they can get the information from the user, and that information is later on used for further purposes. Like the Amazon is written as AMazon or Amaz0n. These minute changes are not so visible if the user is not careful enough to check these details while browsing the website.

Alibaba itself is not a scamHowever, it is always a question that the supplier you are dealing with on Alibaba is legit or not and that needs scrutiny.

5. Advertisements 

Sometimes, some websites include many advertisements or ads and pop-ups too that show their offers or some schemes. These advertisements are, in a way, dubious as when we click on those ads, there used to be nothing genuine, but instead of that, it may lead to a virus or redirect to a new page that affects your system. The ads were just a way for those viruses to invade your system. Even so, there might be ads that fascinate the users and which become an effortless way for viruses to gain entry into their devices.

I personally don't like ads that Are the reason SS Digital Blog is ADS Free And Always Will Be.


There are many other ways to check the authenticity, like the language that the website is using. The price rate of the products or it can be checked from the Google Transparency Rate as it will help the user to know about the level of transparency that a website gives to the user.

Ultimately, to protect themselves, every user should educate themselves to such an extent that they can read the necessary information and instructions that are given by the websites. Those simple instructions help to differentiate between the sites. Through practicing smart browsing, the user can be secure about the information that the website is providing. Using different Search tools such as McAfee helps to get rid of varying virus attacks and malware. There is no denial of the fact that technology makes our life more comfortable if we use it cautiously and be aware of these little tips that are available to us.

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