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Technological Changes In Digital Marketing Trends In 2020


Digital marketing is a platform where various businesses promote its brands by using the internet and online tools. And in whatever business or services you are doing, you cannot ignore digital marketing trends.

Here, I will tell you what will work best with your business in 2020 and future decades. There are so many options available to choose from. I am going to make it super easy for you to choose from.
Digital Marketing Trends You Must Know in 2020

This article will share some handpicked trends that are popular and active in digital marketing in the present scenario, keeping you updated. Your campaign becomes effective.
By the end, you will know what the trends are and pick some of the suitable movements for your business and even get more customers in the year 2020. 

It can be a game-changer for you. Here we go with the list:

Video Content

On the top, we need to focus on video content. Using videos as a marketing strategy helps countless businesses to improve their conversion rate, and it becomes more popular with the year go by.

Nowadays, people are equipped with smartphones, and they are watching more videos. This is a good platform for advertisement.

Your customer also responds well to it because it is more attention-grabbing, engaging, convenient, and conveys a lot more information than a text.

There are two popular marketing technique are available right now

Branded videos

Branded videos are more like educational videos. The main motive of branded video content is to educate and build awareness about the brand by entertaining the audience.
"Surveys show that 80% of customers are influenced to buy a product based on Video Content".

Live videos

Live videos are blowing up right now. You can invite the audience to participate and join in. This helps businesses to build customer relationships.
You can go live on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, which will help your potential customer connect with you in real-time.

You can do live video contents through:
  • Webinars
  • How to do videos
  • Videos explain your business
  • Promotions

Facebook Messenger Marketing And Chatbots

Facebook is a place where people are already there, and it's an excellent platform to connect with lots of people.
You can:

  • Book appointments – By using smart Facebook Messenger Bots
  • Lead generation – By using Chatbots
  • Get feedback & Ratings – within a conversation with the audience
  • Deliver content
It helps in growing your sales. You can build the trust of the customer by connecting with your customer

You can automate your business by chatbots and also automate your lead generation process.

Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbots are still developing. So, it's a smart idea to opt for this option and keep ahead of your business.

Audio Advertising

Nowadays, podcasts and music streaming are on the trend. Streaming services, especially podcasts, have proven to establish a much more intimate and authentic connection with its audiences.

Podcasts and music streaming is more popular because it can stay with the audience all day long. The audience can listen while jogging, cooking, cleaning, traveling, or doing any activity, which is not possible in video content.

So, advertising on podcasts is fantastic to reach people on their interests. And if you have a host whom people trust, that will be add on to your business.

Interactive Content

It is a platform where people can swipe, interact, or click-on online.
In 2020, most of the companies going to opt interactive content, such as

  • Taking a poll
  • Answering a quiz
  • Participating in a challenge
This will encourage people to participate and educate them about the related product. More engagement means more views, which attracts more customers.

Snapchat Ads

Small local businesses over the globe are now starting to connect to Snap chat ads. This is more popular because of low advertisement pricing. It's a great platform to keep the cost of advertisement lower. And the most important thing is the audience demographic.

60% of Snapchat audiences are aged between 13– 34 years. So, a business can target a younger crowd.
So, grab your phone and get a snap chat.

Email Marketing

Advertising through email marking is still in trends. Companies use emails to promote their products. It is usually beneficial for personal, scientific, academic, industrial, and commercial purposes.

It is the most cost-friendly way to connect with the customer. And it helps businesses to keep their customers updated and connect with new audiences.
It includes:

  • Newsletter of the company with updates
  • Promotion of sales
  • Exclusive deals for subscriber

Email marking is the most comfortable option for small businesses to set up, and It also helps the business target a particular section of people.

Surveys show Up to 60% of buying decisions are influenced by email marketing.

It's Time To Pick The Best Trend For You

As you can see, 2020 is bringing a massive change in the direction of digital marketing. You can know more about this from here. So, it's high time to make outdated technology changes and go for the latest one. So, pick a suitable option and accelerate your business.

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