(Expert Bloggers Roundup) How To Handle Negativity & Criticism In Blogging

It all starts with a few words that fly out of someone's mouth or hand (Social Media) The hard truth is, not everyone is going to love your work or style.

Blog Criticism is hard to deal with but sometimes be very helpful it will help you grow or improve what you do.

So, in this amazing article, I would like to share with you a few of my favorite pro bloggersthoughts on how to deal with negativityblog criticism.

When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.

These simple tips from pro bloggers will show you how to deal with negativity & blog criticism.

My Simple Rule: -

  • Don’t react when there’s no need to react.
  • Respond, if necessary.
  • Be honest.

I ask one simple question to my favorite bloggers How To Handle Negativity & Criticism In Blogging and here is their thought and solutions.

🔴Santanu Debnath

☑️Founder Of BloggingJoy
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He is a part-time blogger and a full-time software professional. His interest and love for WordPress gave birth to He shares his experience & knowledge about Blogging in simple words so that everyone can learn to start a blog and become a better blogger.

📣Criticism is a part of every kind of profession. We work on something, there are always 2 types of people, one who will encourage & appreciate your work and others will always try to find mistakes or criticize your work. Well, I believe this creates a very competitive environment, and personally, I always expect such an environment so that I can work hard.

In blogging also these things happen. In fact, when you start as a beginner, you will find most people will ignore your tips, writing style and find out your mistakes. But that's a good sign. As this way, you will come to know what exactly people are thinking about your work, and accordingly, you can work hard and come out strongly.

In my case also, many times I get a ping from people about some mistakes in my article and I always reply to them with a "Thank You". I have received many negative comments & feedback and in that case, also, I always responded in a welcome manner.
We can't stop people from sharing their feedback. We are living in a world which is open for everyone. So, the comments or feedback can be positive or negative. We have to make ourselves very strong to handle such things in a positive way and respect others' feelings.

🔴Vishwajeet Kumar

☑️Founder Of BloggingGate
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Vishwajeet Kumar is a proud Founder and Author of is a Full-time Blogger and Digital Marketer. He helps newbie bloggers to start and grow their blog. He also shares Blogging tips and tricks on his blog.

Negative peoples are always around us. We face Criticism in each and every step of our life. Being a Blogger we all face criticism. The most important thing is how we handle it?

You literally can’t control what other people say on social media or their own blogs, but you can control what appears on your blog. Save that control for the spammers and trolls—not for the negative commenters.

So when you get negative feedback, recognize that you may do this and try to keep in mind that the negative feedback isn’t about you.

According to me When you receive negative feedback or criticism then take it positively to improve your performance and deal with them politely. However, getting repetitive negativity sometimes denotes that the particular person jealous of your success.

So, I recommend people to resist themselves engaging in replying to criticism just ignore the things and take it in a positive way to improve your performance. We seriously cannot control people's minds. We simply cannot stuck with it. Wish you all a Happy Blogging.

🔴Amol Chavan

☑️Founder Of GrowthFunda
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Side Hustler & Founder of Growthfunda; a side hustle blog that helps to learn the side hustle, online business, be your own boss, & quit 9-5 job.

📣Let’s face the fact everyone faces some criticism and negativity when on the Path of Growth. Therefore, it should not hold you from moving forward.

I do often see in my profession of Blogging When someone face criticism and negativity, that person either thinking too much or responding to the criticism in a very bad manner.

Remember that there is competition everywhere in the world. 
You may find so many people around you to drag you behind, pull your legs by spreading negativity and criticism. So how do you deal with the criticism in such case of a Blogging career?

✔️Being a Blogger, you must be very careful while handling criticism and negativity.
✔️Observe if the criticism is true or not. Check if you did anything wrong or not. 
✔️If Yes, then I would suggest let’s accept the fact that you did some mistake. Therefore, you should respond to criticism in a positive manner.
  • Take the feedback as a learning opportunity.
  • Say that that you will improve your mistake.
  • Appreciate the person who pointed out your mistake. Because he has given chance to you to improve.
✔️If Criticism is fake or wrong, then it is sure that the person is trying to pull your legs. So do not invest your precocious time in talking with such people because you know you have not done anything wrong.  Just share your finding and clarify the fact with the community so that other people can see that you are true.
✔️Do not think too much about either of the above scenarios. Move on and concentrate on your work.
✔️If you feel depressed, demotivated then take a break, hang out with friends, family member. This will help you to refresh your mind and you can then concentrate again on the work.
✔️A true Leader, an Influencer is the one who learns from all; positive results, negative results, praise, criticism, etc. So if you want to be a true Leader, an Influencer then learns from all of these things.

🔴Ravi Dixit

☑️Founder Of StayMeOnline
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Ravi Dixit is the founder of StayMeOnline. he is a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer. he started his blogging journey just by frustrating from 9 to 5 freedom-less job. Blogging is something that gives him the freedom to work from anywhere and at any time. Now he is helping others to start their blog and earn their living online.

📣Negativity is everywhere, not only in Blogging rather in all fields. Some people take it as their job to criticize people who are doing or trying something. 

It happened to me many times when I finished my awesome post and after a few days, got one negative comment. It dragged my attention to itself, instead of all other appreciable comments that the same post got.

It hurts… Sometimes it leads to quitting from blogging or anything you are doing. 

But why are you giving a shit about it, about a comment that someone made on your post who don't have any knowledge about the thing you do, who can't even understand your content completely?

Here are some tips that you need to follow to handle the Negativity and Criticism in blogging:

✔️Don't listen to someone who doesn't deserve to listen.

✔️Take it positively and try to improve yourself. Sometimes, a bad follower makes a good impact than 1000 good followers

✔️Remember that's not about you, someone dropped a comment on your post that you published but it is not about you. There might be tons of other things, maybe the person is having a bad day, maybe he fought with someone, maybe he has a sick mind etc.

✔️A negative comment shows you that you are on the right track, you are doing something great.

✔️Respond with a humble nature.

✔️It is the sign that people are following you if there is one who hates you that means there are many others who like you… 😊 So be happy about that.

🔴Shivansh Singh

☑️Founder Of AskBlogging
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Shivansh Singh is the founder of, he loves to write about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO. He helps other people to start their blog, set it up, and monetize it.

📣There are two types of peoples who will criticize you when you start a blog.

1. Who knows about blogging
2. Who doesn't know about blogging

Peoples who don't know about blogging and if they still criticize you then don't listen to them because those who are criticizing you don't know about blogging. 

You don't have to give them importance. they are just useless peoples who don't want to do anything and the same they want with other peoples.

Peoples who know about blogging and if they are criticizing you then most probably, they're actually highlighting your blogging mistakes. 

For Ex - If some peoples are questioning your English writing skill then they are telling you that, You should learn English grammar.

So Every comment has there own meaning, It totally depends on you how you take these negative comments.

Don't listen to those peoples who are criticizing you on your every blog post because They are the ones who don't know about blogging.

🔴Santosh Gairola

☑️Founder Of BloggingCosmos
☑️Short Intro
Santosh Gairola, is the founder of BloggingCosmos.he is from the city of love, Dehradun, India. he loves to blog on Digital Marketing, Programming, Technology, and sometimes spirituality.he also loves writing books.

In the path of chasing your dreams, you will encounter many people who will fill your path with all the obstacles. It is essential to understand who is your genuine friends and who are your fake companions. The reason to do this is to eliminate the negativity from the path.

These negative people will never support your dreams. They will try to drag you down. Understand that your success is your responsibility.

In the starting, you need to realize that your thoughts make your future. Therefore it is crucial to stay away from negativity, but embracing criticism is advisable. Sometimes critics can push you forward.
Read-only those article which is full of positive stuff; reading self-help books will create positive thought in your mind. Apart from that, reading a little bit of spirituality will also fill your heart with goodness and inner peace.

Avoid watching the news as much as possible. Most media houses are busy selling negativity, which is fatal for you if you are looking for your success. Keep only goodness in your heart. Keeping negative emotions never helps. So keep your thinking rational all the time.

But no matter how hard you try to stay positive, you will surely meet negative people or critics in your journey,
Sometimes understanding the base of their criticism can help you to improve your craft. It is the reason I always say to myself, "Santosh eliminates negatively but embraces the criticism."

Sometimes people also start to criticize you when you started growing. I have faced such circumstances. You need to understand the difference in various types of criticism that you will face.

The ways to handle negatively
1 - Keep your friend circle selective. Never add extra noise in your life.

2 - Never take impulsive actions based on criticisms that you read about yourself. 

3 - Try to learn something from criticism if these critics provide something valuable.

4 - Love your haters. Handle them with appreciation, say thank you to them for their remarks on you. After all, they are your loyal fans.

5 If you are getting lots of criticisms, it also means that you are growing. You only need to stay grounded and kind.  


So what's your thoughts on this let me know in the comment and don't forget to share it with your friends who think blogging is not for him just because of negativity and criticism..

Wish You a Merry Christmas

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