How To Create a Blog and Earn Money Online

One of the best ways to make money online is by starting a blog and writing what you’re passionate about. The blog gives you a platform to sell advertising and affiliate products. But starting a blog can be difficult for someone that isn’t sure how to do it.

If you already know how to create a WordPress blog, then you are way ahead of most people.

So I’ve outlined exactly what you need, step by step, to get a blog up and going.

Build a Background

Before you start uploading files and writing content for your blog, it needs a good back story. Answering a few questions will help you figure out the direction you want to take your blog.

What are you going to write about?

The answer to this should be a topic that you’re passionate about and willing to write about on a daily basis.

What is your blog name?

Think of something easy to remember, but also describes what your site is about. If you can’t think of something, you can also do a brandable name instead.

What style of writing are you going to use?

Will your blog be funny, serious, or quirky? The answer will help you decide how to theme your blog and logo.

Who is your demographic?

What kind of people are you going to target? Is it big enough nice to make your blog popular?

Do Your Research

You know what you’re going to write about, so let’s figure out what’s already being done in the field. Who else is writing about the topic you are on?

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Is the market already saturated with “experts or pro ”? This will make your entrance into the niche more difficult. It’s also important to know who’s in your neighborhood to ask for advice and to make new friends.

How will you monetize your site?

Take the time to find the right ad network and affiliate program for your blog. If you’re considering selling direct advertising, you’ll have to figure out how much you’ll charge.

Find A Domain Name

Once you’ve answered all the questions to your liking, it’s time to find a domain name to register. This will a lot of brainstorming. It’s highly suggested that your blog name and URL be the same.

Register Your Domain Name

When you find a domain name that is easy to remember, is short, and most importantly, one you like, you should register it right away. I use BigRock for my domain registrations, they offer a lot of options and good customer service. Their domain panel is nice also.

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Setup Hosting for your Blog

Now you’ll have to find a place to host your website. This means finding a hosting company that has servers specifically to make your site accessible on the Internet.

My Recommend Best Affordable Hosting For Starting a Blog is HostArmada,

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Their plans are extremely cheap and give a lot of benefits.

Let's follow the detailed guide to, Buy Hostarmada Hosting

How To Buy & Start a Blog With HostArmada

1)Click here to try Hostarmada SSD shared hosting with a 75% discount, once you landed on this page click on plans & pricing

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2) Now you can see their shared hosting plans start at $ 3.99 a month, and you'll also have a Discount coupon that will take advantage of 75% off HostArmada shared hosting plans.

Just click on the plans and pricing as shown above where you will see 3 shared hosting packages. 

If you want to host one website, start with the HostArmada Start Dock plan. Apart from that, I will recommend that you try the Web Warp or Speed Reaper plans as they allow you to add an unlimited number of sites.

For this tutorial, I choose Start Dock but you can choose according to your requirement 

3)After you select your preferred hosting plan, you will be redirected to the domain registration/transfer page, which looks something like this:

4)HostArmada offers free domain registrations for the first year, But You can also use your existing domain if you just need hosting for this you just need to change the nameserver 

After that, you will be taken to their billing cycle page.

5)Now you have to choose a data center that is closer to your target audience so that they can access your website faster.

HostArmada has 9 data centers in the 7 largest countries in the world. You can easily choose the closest one. It will also help reduce your site's load time.

🔔Newark, NJ,

🔔USA Toronto, Ontario, Canada

🔔London, UK

🔔Frankfurt, Germany

🔔Mumbai, India


🔔Sydney, Australia

🔔Dallas, TX,

🔔USA Fremont, California, USA

6)My recommendation is to go with a 36-month billing cycle because only then you'll be charged $ 3.99 per month on their base plan for 3 years. If you opt for their annual plan, you will have to pay more after a year due to their high renewal rates.

8) Again check all the necessary details like domain name, hosting plan and click on continue

9)If you opt for their start dock  plan,, you can get a FREE domain along with 1 year of hosting for only $ 48 buutttt wait as I said I have something extra for you 

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Now Click On Validate 

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12) This is the last step to buy your hosting fill in all your details like name, email, phone number.

13) Hostarmada currently supports 2 payment gateway PayPal and credit or debit card.

Here are the available card brands that you can use:

American Express
Diners club
Union Pay

Alternatively, you can use PayPal to purchase any service that HostArmada offers. If you're having trouble processing a card payment, PayPal would be a welcome option.

14) After filling in your payment information click on Checkout 

If you have a problem regarding purchasing hosting I also make a video about it 

How To  Buy Hosting With HostArmada ( VIDEO)

How To Install WordPress After Purchasing ( VIDEO)

Setup The Name Servers

The next thing you’ll have to do is link your hosting, and domain name.

Name Servers

You do this by setting the domain name server on the domain panel, to the one specified in the welcome email sent to you by your host.

Upload and Install WordPress

At this point, when you access your URL, you shouldn’t see much, only what your host already had uploaded to your account.

To change this, we’ll have to upload the WordPress files and install them.

I won’t put detailed steps here because there are already so many places that explain how to install WordPress.

WordPress Install

Find or Design a WordPress Theme

Now your blog should be installed, but it will still show the default WordPress theme, along with a welcome post and comment.

WordPress Default Theme

If you want people to take your blog seriously you’ll need to design a custom theme and logo. All you need is basic photoshop, CSS, and HTML skills to make a good design.

Want a custom theme and willing to pay for it? Verve Development does great work.

Blog Search Engine Optimization

One of the best ways people will find your blog is through search engines.

That’s why it’s so important that you make sure it’s easy for Google and other search engines to find your blog, and read the data. This is called Search Engine Optimization.

Learn SEO

Key Factors That Affect On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Post 5 Pillar Articles

Now your blog is ready to go and all it needs is content. I suggest writing five in-depth articles to help it get going. This gives your readers a taste of what they can expect from your blog.

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They should convince your readers to come back and follow your writing.

Make Money With Your Blog

Let's be honest you can't make money with your blog overnight its takes time and patience to make your first income from blogging. here are a few methods that

One of the most popular ways to win bloggers is by placing ads on their sites.

There are two common types of ads:

CPC / CPC ads: CPC (also called pay-per-click) ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebar. Every time a reader clicks on the ad, you are paid for that click.

CPM ads: CPM ads, or "cost per 1,000 impressions," are ads that pay you a fixed amount of money based on the number of people who view your ads

Affiliate Marketing: I personally use and recommend it to use because it doesn't need huge million traffic it just needs a potential audience.

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Sponsored Posts: This is my second source of earning after affiliate, in simple terms company pays you to present their product, talk about it, and promote it to your readers.

Final Words

Depends on what you're a blog niche about and what method works best for your blog topic.
For example, if you are blogging about blogging, then affiliate marketing, advertising, and paid posts can work well for your blog.

Always Focus on offering something useful, quality content that users find value, and money will come.

Don't think about result first do your work if your work is valuable and useful result will automatically genarate 

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