SEO Checklist By SEO Buddy - Is It Worth Buying ?

In today's words having a website is quite important to run your business. Statistics show that over 91% of adults are using a search engine to find their information and around 95% of people prefer looking at the first-page search result.

Google dominates over around 90% of the search engine in the market and to rank your post you need to make a plan and strategy. 

The SEO checklist SEO buddy is the step-by-step guide you and also can determine your SEO actions so that you get more traffic.

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🔵 Features Of SEO Checklist By SEOBUDDY

The SEOBUDDY has amazing features that include:

1. Trello Board 

The Trello Board has a pre-made list of all the things that are required in the SEO checklist. Well, if you want to organize all your data and work on a particular deadline then the SEOBUDDY is the best of what you can find.

It can help you make a to-do list and once you complete it makes a tick mark. It can prioritize the task and optimize all your efforts.

2. Content Research Checklist 

As you know the quality of the content is the most significant thing for your website. Content is created in millions on a daily basis and that the next step is to publicize, so to rank your article at the top you have to make effective marketing strategies and you have to make a considerable amount of research.

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The marketing strategy can help you reach organic customers and you can make your website on the top of Google.

🔵 What Inside The SEO Checklist

The SEO Checklist includes many of the templates and also a different category that is provided on a Google sheet and color-coded to break down each area.

📣 Column 1: Item you need to address
📣 Column 2: The column note
📣 Column 3: Keep track of all your processes
📣 Column 4: It helps you know if you can tackle something tough
📣 Column 5: Tell you all your down set and helps in improving
📣 Column 6: Gives an estimate of the expense of the complete item
📣 Column 7: List of works that are needed to be completed
📣 Column 8: Provides SOP lines so that you can dig deeper
📣 Column 9: Will check if there is any video available
📣 Column 10: It offers the link to additional resources

1. SEO Checklist Trello Board

If you are using Trello, then you'll really love the SEO Checklist Trello board as all the items are added to the spreadsheet of the temples and you can work with all your needs.

This is a great way to check all your deadlines and all your works with your team doing to improve the checklist.


2. 52 Week Content Planner

In the PDF you get all the basics of how to generate great content ideas and also this is perfect for beginners who are ready to take their blog to the next level and want new ideas for their business.

It offers great tips on how to use all the keyword tools like Ah refs and also to find a variety of topics around the major topic.


3. Content Distribution Checklist

It also offers a content distribution checklist, and it features color-coded blocks which are quite beneficial in promoting strategies. It includes a column for tracking the status, effects, cost, states, and even the resources for how to use them.

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🔵 Pricing

Well, to get the SEO Checklist you have to pay around $97.00. Yes, it's slightly expensive for a checklist.

If you are a beginner or someone who doesn't have any experience on what is SEO and more seriously, then this can be one of the best guides you get as you can track all your progress and also your actions.

For experienced ones the checklist also good because it provides all the tips and tricks through which you can grow your website.

Get SEO Checklist By SEO Buddy

🔵 Pros & Cons 


✔️ Proven SEO Strategy
✔️ User friendly
✔️ Growth in organic traffic Constantly
✔️ Best for beginners
✔️ Assists you with being coordinated and have an essential plan for your site.
✔️ SEO procedures


✖️ Price is high
✖️ No money-back guarantee ( as it was a digital product)
✖️ Only buy if you are a complete beginner

🔵 Why should you buy the SEO Checklist?

The SEO checklist can help you optimize your website very well and it can help to reach all your goals, on being on the first page of Google.

As it provides a strategic plan and can help to track all your progress throughout the process.

However, if you are a blogger and implement SEO for at least 1-2 years on your site this checklist doesn't give you an extra benefit and knowledge

🔵 Best Free Alternative Of SEO Checklist By SEO Buddy

In my past experience, I saw most beginners do not want to invest or don't have money to invest. for those here is the best alternative I found from the top-notch industry experts.

📌 25-Step Master SEO Checklist By Moz

📌 SEO Best Practices: On-Page SEO Checklist By OrbitMedia

🔵 Final Word - Should I Buy This

Finally, we can say that this an amazing beginner's friendly SEO checklist. It can help you to fully optimize your website and can cater to a new position in Google that helps rank higher in the search engine.

Optimization is probably one of the most important things when you built a website because it increases the visibility of your website.

Well, one of the downsets of the product is it's slightly expensive than others, but you get 15% off as they include many types of offers.


Get SEO Checklist By SEO Buddy

Overall, it's pretty good and helps beginners to save their time.

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