What Content Writing and Tasty Butter Chicken Have in Common

Also called Murgh Makhani in Hindi, the dish is undoubtedly the most popular dish from India; it may even be one of the most popular dishes in the world.

If this is your first time going to an Indian restaurant, I will most likely recommend it as a starting point. as an Indian, I also love the dish very much. As I write this, I can imagine you, shuddering at the thought...

We Indians love Indian food — it’s always our default decision when we’re trying to think what we’d like for dinner.

Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well

Not everyone is going to like what you produce. And I’m not just talking about niches — some readers may not like your writing style, some may disagree with your thought, and some may be put off by your design.

You’re not going to win all time. This is why you should pay attention to what your readers think… but not too much attention. When you write content, follow these content writing simple rules:

Write About What You Know Best

OK, I admit: There’s a big problem with this rule. If people just wrote what they knew, we probably wouldn’t have science fiction novels.

We wouldn’t have Harry Potter. We might not have any kind of writing that involves pure imagination.

I think the real thrust of this rule is “Know what you’re writing about.” In other words, don’t crap out on yourself.

Do the research — even if it means researching your own thoughts.

Write What Feels Good

As a blogger, part of my work involves writing articles that are as interesting as knowledgable. One of the consequences of this situation is that it’s hard to get motivated; another, more dire consequence is that I run the risk of writing something that doesn’t represent my best effort.

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If you’re in charge of your own blog, be sure to write what feels good to you, not what you think someone wants to hear about. Ultimately, the content will be more appealing to readers if it looks like you had fun writing it.

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Write What You Want To Read

The best way to find good content is to produce it. Much like the previous rule, following this rule ensures that you’ll write things that bear the mark of someone who enjoys writing.

When you pay too much attention to writing something that will get hits, or writing something that everyone will talk about, you’re losing the game before you’ve even started playing.

Writing is about creating something that, whether perceptibly or imperceptibly, is about you.



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The importance of the balance between good writing and good marketing is by contrasting bloggers who excel at writing but fail to market effectively with good marketers who skimp on content.

If you’re just starting out as a blogger, I’d recommend being a writer first. You can always apply the latest marketing techniques to your blog or edit keywords into what you’ve already written. It’s harder to sit down and create huge swaths of good content if you don’t have any.

Don’t assume there are writers out there whom everyone loves. And don’t assume there’s a formulaic path to creating something that everyone will read. Write what you know, and what you love. That’s the only real content writing simple rules or secret.

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