How Bloggers Search And Spy On Their Competitors

One of the biggest challenges for bloggers is finding ways to gain an edge over the competition. Starting a blog today is easier than you think, and this is great news for all potential new bloggers who want to start their blog; but at the same time, it also means that the competition is cut-throat than ever. in this article I am going to talk about few method technique and tools to find and spy on competitors.

Nowadays, when a search is so important and the internet has grown so much, you have many different factors to consider when spying on your competitors. This is where digital marketing tools come in for our help. In many cases, tools that help you monitor your own web performance can also help you collect data about your competitors.

So how do you get this competitive edge? How do you outrun your competitors? A good blog and valuable content is the first step, but you also need to get people to know about your article/blogs. And one of the best ways to find out which strategies work and which don't? 

By Spying And Understanding Your Competitors' Strategy.

There are plenty of good reasons to see what competitors are doing. You can find out if competitors are doing anything better than you and how you can match it and improve your own plans to beat the competition based on data rather than assumptions. 

– Chris Kilbourn, CEO of TOFU Marketing

It is also important, depending on the blogging niche, to rank your competitors. You should divide them into two main categories: 

Direct Competitors - Here you will place the most important competitors that are in the same niche as you. They usually have content similar to yours.

Indirect competitors - competitors that create content that can replace yours. They are also important because you compete to satisfy a need, not to sell a product. Don't look at what content you offer, but at the problem, you solve for the readers.

Here's How To Start Spying On Your Competitors:

Before you can carry out competitor analysis, you need to know who your competitor first.

Go To Audience Overlap Tool And find your competitors

It's Very simple, Start by creating a list of 6-10 competitors' blogs that you want to analyze. A competitor can be any blog with the same audience that you would like to attract.

SPY # 1:How To Find Ranking Keywords Of Your Competitors

Now I am showing you how to spy on your competitor's keyword I will use both the FREE and PAID method to analyze my competitor's keyword but you can use a free one.

Free Method, 
1)Click Here And Registers for SEMrush
2)Now search for your competitor's domain In the domain overview 

3)This Is It. Now Target a keyword and write an article on that topic then hit published. there was a good chance your article will rank.

Paid Method,
1)Click Here And Purchased Ahrefs  (My Recommendation SEMrush)
2)Now go to site explorer and search for your competitor's domain 

3)Now you can see the organic keyword of your competitor's blog and you can start creating an article on those topics 

SPY # 2: Spy On Your Competitor's Backlinks

Only Keyword is not enough for ranking we need to understand the whole structure. In short, the results of the Google algorithm and the information gathered by search engine "spiders" create a ranking for a website. 

These websites are then displayed on search results pages in an order that reflects Google's opinion of the authority of each website.

Now for building authority, we need backlinks, and it's not easy to get backlinks, so we again spy on our competitors backlinks profile and try to get the backlinks from the same website/blog

Social Media Management Tools 14-day free trial, no credit card required TRY NOW 

I will be showing you how to spy on your competitor's backlinks I will use both the FREE and PAID method to analyze my competitor's backlinks but you can use a free one.

Free Method,
1)Click Here And Registers for SEMrush (i think you already register)
2)Now on the dashboard select Backlink Analytics and search for your competitors' website.

3)Done !! Now you have your competitor's backlinks profile now you can explore more and figure out how to get those for your blog.

Paid Method,
1)Click Here And Purchased Ahrefs (My Recommendation SEMrush)
2)Now go to site explorer then search for your competitor's URL and hit search.

3)Then you can see this page click on backlinks and analyze your competitors' backlinks

4)Done !!! 

SPY # 3:Find Out What New Technologies They Are Using

You may also know that your competitors are good at something like marketing. You have visited their BLOG.

They may be masters of Google remarketing and Facebook remarketing, but they're not the only ones. What exactly do you want to check? No big deal-Go to and enter the URL. You can see the technologies used on their website and implement them yourself or look for better alternatives.


I hope you have and know how to spy on the competitors.  It's not just about spying on competitors. All the data collected using the tools described will help you become smarter and create your own strategies. Don't be shy and invite your friends to help them read and spy on your competitors.

Make sure you have proper plans to implement the valuable insights you have gained. Only then will you realize that you are in a strong position.

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