10 Best Free Blog Submission Sites Pro Bloggers Use

Are You Looking For High DA Do Follow Blog Submission Sites To Build High-Quality Backlinks To Your Blog?

There are lots of sites out there that offer Free Blog Submission service for all types of blog niches, but is there any you would definitely use without worrying about wasting your money?

Backlinks play an important role in increasing traffic and authority on each website. If you are looking to get the best engine ranking for your website then this list of free blog submission sites offers free dow-fall-backlinks to increase the organic traffic to your blog.

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When I talk about organic traffic, it means the traffic that our blog receives from different search engines.

Creating high authority backlinks from a website with high domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) helps you achieve off-page SEO techniques and of course good engine rankings.

Here is some top blog submission site that will help you drive traffic to your website for those of you who are just getting started and are not ready to invest money, there are still ways to get free backlinks. Just by doing smart hardworking! ...

Free Blog Submission Sites List High DA 


Alltop is one of the top directory sites that optimizes posts in websites. This site is completely free to use and once you submit your blog and it is approved in the relevant category, your website has been recently updated with most posts on your site as well as backlinks Will be followed.

📌AllTop Stats:

Domain Authority: 68/100

Page authority: 64/100

Global Alexa Rank: 22,000

Click here to submit your blog. It will ask you to register yourself.

2.Blog Adda

Largest Indian blog directory. Connect with Indian bloggers, discover popular Indian blogs, read blogger interviews and the editor picked the best blog posts every day.

It not only has a good network of bloggers to connect but editors select the best blogs on a daily basis to help you get more exposure..

📌BlogAdda Stats:

Domain Authority: 49/100

Page authority: 63/100

Global Alexa Rank: 79,883

Click here to submit your blog.

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3.Blog Flux

Blogflux is designed for the blogosphere, giving you everything you need to keep your blog up and running. From blog guides to content, tracking, and advanced services such as polls and quizzes. 

Blogflux is the only service you need for your blog. So you look around everything Blogflux has to offer. You can join today, and one of the best - it's 100% free.

📌Blogflux Stats:

Domain Authority: 51/100

Page authority: 54/100

Global Alexa Rank: 35,638

Click here to register and add your blog.


CSS Light is focused on many websites that have specialized skills in decoration, creativity, presentation, and coding.

📌CSS Light Stats:

Domain Authority: 39/100

Page authority: 46/100

Global Alexa Rank: 48,907

Click here to register and click on submit your site.

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Medium is an online publishing platform with over 60 million monthly active is one of the most used sites for bloggers I personally use it for all of my websites and blogs. in one line I must say if your article cant rank on google must try medium it will rank.

📌Medium Stats:

Domain Authority: 96/100

Page authority: 81/100

Global Alexa Rank: 48,907

Click here to register and click start importing your post

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Flipboard provides a unique way for users to organize their content, "Magazines" that allow you to store the content you have directly on Flipboard or on the website you choose. 

You even have the option to add an RSS feed to your magazine for an automated content feed. You can then "browse" the articles/blog posts / ... that you have saved.

📌Flipboard Stats:

Domain Authority: 91/100

Page authority: 70/100

Global Alexa Rank: 6,519

Click here to register and click on create a new magazine

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Feedly is actually a replacement for Google Reader and perhaps one of the best ways to get information quickly. Some of the benefits of Feedly include its clean interface and portability across multiple platforms.

📌Feedly Stats:

Domain Authority: 91/100

Page authority: 70/100

Global Alexa Rank: 6,519

Click here to register and click on create a new feed


Inoreader is a web-based content platform that uses RSS technology to find the best news articles, blog posts, and social media feeds for your needs.

You can add your blog and get traffic and high-quality backlinks.

📌Inoreader Stats:

Domain Authority: 61/100

Page authority: 54/100

Global Alexa Rank: 3,416

Click here to subscribe and click on Sign up with email


This is a complete platform for Indian bloggers.IndiBlogHub Is A Community Of 5000+ Amazing Bloggers

Over 1M + users visit IndiblogHub every month to find inspirational content from millions of bloggers around the world to search for blogs in the Indian Blog Directory and read all their favorite blogs in one place.

You just have to create a free account and add your blog

📌IndiblogHub Stats:

Domain Authority: 28/100

Page authority: 39/100

Global Alexa Rank: 34,500

Click here to sign up and click on submit a blog.

10.The Old Reader

The Old Reader is a web-based news aggregator that delivers websites, blogs, and other Internet content to a web-based inbox.

Here you can add your blog or website to get better traffic and ranking

📌The Old Reader Stats:

Domain Authority: 66/100

Page authority: 58/100

Global Alexa Rank: 15,300

Click here to sign up and click on add a subscription.

What is blog submission?

In simple terms submitting your blog to the various old websites. It is an off-page criterion of SEO planning in which the website owner publishes relevant and high-quality content.

Advantages of SEO blog submission?

⚫Improves OFF Page SEO
⚫Free marketing
⚫Helps Build authority

Is blog submission good for SEO?

Yes, Absolutely it helps a lot in SEO if you are submitting your blog or site to high authority blog submission sites or directories

What are high DR blog submission sites?

DR is a page ranking algorithm used by google search to rank web pages in their search engine result pages. High DR blog submission sites will help you to rank higher in different search engines

Do Blog submission sites Really Matter?

Yes, undoubtedly the blog submission sites are worth your time.

Final Words !!

Each and every free blog submission site you find here have high domain authority and page authority, which can be really helpful in improving your SEO.
This list of free blog submission sites will help you build backlinks for your new blog at an early stage.

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