7 Writing Apps For Serious Content Creators

The fantastic writing apps are those that assist content material creators in achieving their goal, and that is environment-friendly writing. Choose one from this listing of writing software. A best content writing app helps you to assist content material creators in obtaining an immediate goal, this blog helps you learn to create better content, and that’s getting their work viewed as rapidly as possible.

Writing desirable content material is an artwork unto itself. It’s no longer precise enough to throw a blog collectively and put it up online. You have to craft it so that it’s informative, engaging, and encourages your readers to come lower back for more. While doing this, it desires to remain on brand, and hold your readers involved in your product.

That’s a lot to ask of one content material creator. How do you make sure you’re doing your pleasure every time you sit down to write? These seven modifying and proofreading equipment will assist you in getting the job achieved well.

Deadlines are the bread and butter of each content material creator. Whether you’re a web creator or social media manager, being capable of supplying the best content material in document time is part of the job.

Along with using leads that are most in all likelihood to have interaction with your brand, well-timed content material ought to additionally assist with speedy conversions. And this eventually helps you attain your enterprise goals.

So you must be wondering what makes content great? 
Well, pretty merely, excellent content is content material that goes that more magnificent mile. For example, pure content material may get read. The unique content material may additionally be an excellent read and shared; however, the excellent content material is content material that will get read, shared, and talked about.

Following are some great apps which help serious Content Creators to create good content
1. Scrivener:

Scrivener unites the whole lot you want to write, lookup, and prepare lengthy files in a single, active app. At its heart is a natural ring-binder metaphor that permits you to accumulate your material and flick between specific components of your manuscript, notes, and references with ease. 

Break your textual content into manageable sections of any dimension and go away Scrivener to sew them together. Integrated outlining equipment lets you plan the whole thing first or restructure later 

While all sorts of content material creators take advantage of Scrivener, it’s by and primarily geared closer to novelists or different long-form content material creators. It helps you with outlining, research, and organization. You can view your lookup alongside the editor to make citations easy. And if you’re dealing with a couple of chapters, you can without problems, arrange them into separate sections.

1.Create a digital storyboard with movable cards
2.Combine a couple of files into one or separate them for less complicated organization
3.View research right beside the textual content editor
4.Distraction-free mode
5.Scriptwriting mode for effortless script formatting
6.Export to more than a few e-book formats

2. FocusWriter:  

FocusWriter is a distraction-free word processor in particular designed to assist innovative writers in putting their thoughts to paper (or screen). It’s now not meant for the 2nd and third drafts when sections want to be moved or cut, paragraphs sophisticated, and chapters cross-referenced, which explains the omission of some elements we have come to count on from word processing software.

Formatting preferences are minimal, and the interface takes over your entire computing a device, so there may be no chance of you getting distracted through email notifications, social media, or clock-watching. It’s merely you and your keyboard.

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3. Fargo: 

Fargo is a light-weight tool for easy outlining and note-taking. It may additionally no longer assist you in crafting your subsequent long-form weblog post. However, it is a superb writing app for jotting down thoughts and sketching out outlines.
Because it’s an HTML5 app, all you want is a browser to run Fargo. And all of your archives are routinely backed up to Dropbox. It has fantastic features, including it offers Hierarchical organizing, Cloud-based that works on any operating system, and also Automatically stores all files in Dropbox.

4. WriteMonkey
WriteMonkey is a light-weight, distraction-free editor for Windows. It calls itself “Zenware,” which is an accurate description of how bare the interface is (that’s a compliment!). But while it’s light-weight, it nevertheless consists of lots of on-hand aspects like superior data on each word dependent and word usage, writing goals, auto-save, and convenient markup.

5. iA Writer:

iA Writer is a straightforward textual content writing app for Mac OS and mobile. In addition to its stripped-down, writing targeted interface, it additionally consists of useful equipment like estimated phrase counts, Focus Mode, markup, content material blocks for images/tables, and more. You can additionally at once export your content material to WordPress.

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OmmWriter Dana is more significant than merely a textual content editor. It additionally consists of sounds and audio to assist create an enjoyable writing environment. While OmmWriter is an excellent experience, it does lack some specified enhancing and formatting features. So if you generally want to layout your textual content a proper bit, this would possibly no longer be the editor for you.

 Write or Die is a web app that is something you’ll desire to use every single time you write. But if you favor a writing app that will push you to ruin via a specifically awful case of writer’s block, then Write or Die is for you.


Writing is hard. Without the right app, writing is harder than it needs to be. Simplify your life and kickstart your success with these writing apps.

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