How to Install the Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogger Blog 2020 - SEO All In One for Blogspot

All in One SEO Plugin 2020 for Blogger?
SEO is an extremely important factor for all websites and Blogspot SEO is no exception. SEO All In One for Blogspot - Yoast SEO for blogger 2020 performs all SEO services for Blogspot. You just need to copy the code below and add it to your blog.

There are many activities you need to do on your blogger blog to make it SEO
To get the organic visitor to blog it is very important to make our blog SEO friendly. Without proper SEO, we cannot get a visitor from search engines like google, yahoo, and Bing. I will share a lot of techniques for SEO. 
Today I will share with you All In One SEO Pack for Blogger Blogspot 2020 Edition. Been on Google's first page is really cool, you all can agree with me cause it helps to not only increase your blog traffic but also your site popularity as well. By this, we don’t need to do extra for SEO.

Features of All In One SEO Pack for Blogger:

  • Display the title of the first article in the search results
  • Add Meta Tags to your Blogger Blog.
  • Search engine labels are optimized
  • Optimize SEO Reviews Blogger
  • Search engine Optimization of Blogger archives
  • Verify Google, Bing and Alexa with verification code - NEW
  • Compatible Facebook and Twitter profiles - NEW
  • Optimize article titles with H2 tags
  • Add an SEO-friendly Robots.txt file
  • Allow Bots to crawl your site on a daily basis
  • Help you in obtaining high traffic in the United States
  • Google + author profile image
  • Convert title tags into dynamic title tags


Step:1 Log in to your blogger blog dashboard
Step:2 Open Template >> Edit Html
Step:3 Search <head> by using ctrl plus f.
Step:4 Download below code and paste it below the <head>.

Step:5 Click Save Button

– Change @Facebook with your Facebook ID
– Change @Twitter with your Twitter ID
– Replace other details
– Put your Google, Bing and Alexa Verification Code in the place of Bold Words Line

You’ve successfully SEO optimized your Blogger blog and will see the huge growth in your rankings and organic traffic, soon!

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