The Essential Guide to Video Marketing That You Must Read

In the world of social media, one of the biggest trends right now is that of videos.

Just consider the following statistics.

On Facebook, over 100 million hours of video are watched every single day. On YouTube, they get nearly 5 billion views on their videos per day. On Instagram, year over year, they have noticed an 80% increase in the time spent on viewing videos.

All of these statistics are more impressive when you consider that nobody considered videos for marketing even just a few years back.

Now, videos have become a top priority for content marketing by brands all over the world.

If you are thinking of starting a career in marketing, you should definitely consider this particular niche. 

After all, the statistics underline that this field is going to witness explosive growth in the near future.

The Value of Video Marketing

A few years ago, the main priority of brands was content writing and content marketing. With a good guide to content writing, it was possible for brands to develop a solid foundation for interested customers.

However, that is no longer enough. Now, the video has entered the fray. Brands need to invest in video marketing in order to drive growth and ensure a robust ROI for their marketing efforts. The following statistics underline why video marketing is critical to success today.

• YouTube can reach more people in the 18-49 age group than television and that, too, just through mobile traffic.

• 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after watching videos

• Landing pages with a video may increase the conversions by nearly 80%

• People spend 88% more time on sites that contain videos. 

• 50% of consumers want to see more videos than any other form of content from brands.

All of these statistics underline how critically important videos have become marketing in today’s world. 

Moreover, it has become easier than ever to get tools and equipment to record videos in high definition. 

As such, your main concern should be the content for the videos. A guide to content writing will not help you here. 

As a video content creator, you need to create content specifically for presentation in the form of a video. As such, you need to know what kinds of video content you can create.

Keep reading this guide to video-making and marketing to learn more!

Types of Videos for Video Marketing

In video marketing, you cannot just head out with your equipment and start shooting. 

You need to first understand the kinds of video content you can create and how each of them will help you achieve your goals. 

In this part of the guide to video marketing, we discuss 12 kinds of video content that a video marketer can choose from.

Demo Videos

As the name suggests, demo videos will showcase or demonstrate how a product works. A demo video can introduce viewers to the features of a product. 

Videos showing product unboxing or product tests are some examples of demo videos and they tend to be quite popular among the masses.

Brand Videos

These videos are all about the brand. They are generally created in accordance with the needs of a broader advertising campaign. 

They showcase the vision or mission of the brand along with the services or products offered. 

Their goal is to build awareness of the company and attract the attention of the target audience. 

Event Videos

If your company is hosting any kind of event, you should definitely shoot a video of it. Fundraisers or conferences make for excellent material for video marketing. 

You can easily create a highlight reel of the best moments from the video. Some other choices are presentations and interviews.

How-To Videos

These are one of the most popular types of videos out there. Such educational or instructional videos can teach the audience a variety of things. 

For example, it can help viewers understand how they can use your product in a certain way. 

These videos provide new knowledge or build a foundation through which the target audience gains a better understanding of your products, services, or businesses. As such, they make for excellent video marketing campaigns.

Explainer Videos

This is another kind of educational videos that you can opt for. These videos can help the target audience understand why they should opt for a product or service. 

Most kinds of explainer videos provide a solution to potential problems that the target buyers are facing. 

Video marketers must first understand the market and consumer needs before they can create these videos.

Expert Interview Videos

As you may have already seen in content marketing, building brand authority or trust in a chosen niche can do wonders for the business. 

In content writing, that involved getting interviews or articles by thought leaders and experts in a chosen field. The same can be applied in video marketing.

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Like expert interviews, these videos can also help in building trust among the target audience. 

After all, buyers want to be assured that a product or service can deliver the solutions they expect. 

Testimonial videos by real customers can go a long way in removing those worries. In fact, real customers can be the biggest advocates for any brand.

 As a video marketer, you need to leverage their experiences into creating a powerful video.

Animated Videos

When done correctly, animated videos can do wonders for your business. They are particularly effective when used to explain difficult or intangible concepts about your product or service. 

Animated videos can have strong visuals that make it easier for viewers to understand a concept, compared to simply explaining them through speech or words. 

Video marketers need to work with animators, designers, and even sound effects professionals to make the most of these videos.

Live Videos

As the name suggests, these videos are shot live and streamed over the internet immediately with little to no editing. 

When used correctly, live video streams can drive higher engagement rates. In fact, stats suggest that viewers can spend nearly 8.1x longer periods of time when watching live videos. 

Some options for live videos include streaming events or interviews. The audience can also engage more through comments and questions.

Other Types of Videos

Apart from the different options mentioned above, your video marketing strategy can benefit from a few other types. 

The following options are still a bit niche and might not suit all types of businesses.

  • Virtual Reality Videos: Virtual reality has made great strides in recent years. However, it is still an expensive option for many brands. However, they provide a more immersive option compared to regular videos. It is also important to note that the viewers will require specialized equipment to experience these videos properly.
  • Augmented Reality Videos: Like virtual reality, augmented reality videos have also made great strides. It is also more expensive than making regular videos. However, they can also be quite an experience for the viewers, when done correctly.

Videos can seem like an expensive option when all you have invested in is content writing and marketing. 

However, as discussed earlier in this guide to video marketing, videos are slowly becoming a critical addition to marketing efforts worldwide.

Moreover, with the reducing prices of video equipment, it has never been easier for you to start. There are also more tools than ever to help you edit and improve your videos. 

As such, this is the perfect time to start a career in video marketing if you have not already. Additionally, In short, a career as a video marketer can be quite rewarding.

To support your video marketing efforts, you need to consider digital marketing as well.

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