How to Build a Link Pyramid Link Building Strategies

One important strategy of SEO is building a solid set of backlinks.  People often wonder, though, how to go about doing this and what they should be looking for.  

If a website has a lot of low-quality links pointing to it, it will reflect poorly on that page’s Page Rank. Therefore, it is important to not only acquire backlinks but know how to direct these links to get the most from these links. 

To do this, a person should build what’s known as a “link pyramid.”  Just like a real-life pyramid, it will have a wide foundation coming to a single point at the top (your main domain).  Here are the few link building strategies 2020:

Level One - Link Building Techniques

This is the base of the pyramid, and these will have the greatest quantity of links.  These don’t necessarily have to be high-quality links; there simply must be a lot of them. 

Things like web directories, blog comments on relevant blogs, press releases, and article directories. 

Get as many of these links as possible (be careful not to do it too quickly, however, or it will raise flags with Google) and have them a link to one another.  

Do not link these sites to the main domain! 

Have them cross-link one another while having a handful link to the next level on the pyramid.

Level Two - Creative Link Building Strategies

This level is for WordPress or BlogSpot blogs, something that you have created with better content than that on level 1.

This should be original content that will not be flagged as a duplicate content.  Some people use article spinners for things on this level, but be careful not to let it get spun so much that it reads poorly or becomes nonsensical.  

It is best to do manual rewrites, if possible. Perhaps the most important thing to note here is not to link any of these links back to level one.  

The links should only go up; they should never go back down.  

If they do, Google might realize something is fishy and devalue the entire pyramid, ruining your work. The links on this level should point up to links on level three and cross-link with one another.  

For this level, you should have approximately half the number of links from level one.  So, for instance, if you had 20 links from level one, you would ten for level two.

Level Three - Link Building Strategies In SEO

This level is going to be high-quality content, but not quite as high as the main domain. 

These should be Web 2.0 links like Squidoo sites, YouTube channels, and other high-quality pages. 

These sites should look professional and have high quality, original content. 

Install WordPress, download some high-quality WordPress themes, and make websites that look like trustworthy, professional websites. A good place to acquire a domain with a high Page Rank is on

There, people sell websites they have created, and you can obtain a page with a solid Page Rank to point at your main site. 

These should only be high-quality pages with high-quality content. Since these are going to be the sites that point at your main domain, these are the pages that will pass on their link juice to your website.

Therefore, you do not want low-quality pages to negatively impact you in terms of Page Rank.  If you have ten links on level two, here would want no more than four.

Level Four -  Strategy

This is the main domain. All of your level three sites should be pointing to this link.  Those links will inherit all of the juice from the level below, who will inherit the juice from the levels below it.

But because none of those low-quality links is pointing at this main site, none of the poor Page Rank gets transferred up to it; there is a buffer to prevent this from happening. 

Be sure that no links whatsoever on this page refer back to any of the levels below. If the links start going two ways, Google may penalize the main site for an unnatural link profile.  

Therefore, be sure to monitor closely where the links on this site are pointing.  And be sure to continuously create very high quality, original content for this page to keep it as high in the SERPs as possible.

Link Wheel - Link Pyramid

A variation on this is the link wheel.  Instead of a pyramid, you would build a wheel around the main site. 

This means that the sites would all link to one another. There would be no base, only level two and three links crosslinking to one another, with a select few pointing to the main domain. 

This is a slightly more common method for link building as it is somewhat easier to do.  The link pyramid, however, goes deeper and tends to last a bit longer.  Either way, however, you should be able to move your website up the search engine rankings and improve your SEO performance.

Link pyramids are the effective link building strategy that involves building backlinks and then sending backlinks to those backlinks. Link Pyramid is one of the actual SEO methods which is used for ranking websites in SERPs of Google.

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