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Without being active on these important social media channels, they would be missing a large audience that could bring immense success to their business.

Nowadays, everybody is trying to put their efforts into social media, however, in the lack of proper guidance that how to create a social media plan that would help them to drive traffic and sales from these major social platforms they are failed to attain success.

The goal of Social Media Marketing: The end goal of this social media marketing plan is to improve engagement on all major social media platforms. Enhance brand reputation, traffic, and conversion. Currently, your social media engagement

Social Media Marketing for bloggers or businesses using Facebook can build relationships and provide value to those within your Facebook network. Facebook allows you to be real, get to know other people with similar interests while building credibility and trust. In this article, I’ll discuss simple steps how to create Facebook marketing strategy

Simple Steps to Getting Started on Facebook

1)Create A Profile

When creating the perfect Facebook profile for social media marketing there are several things to keep in mind; like

  • Posting a great picture of you with a smile.
  • People want to put a face with a name and posting a picture that does not include the whole current you doesn’t build credibility.
  • Choose a tagline that grabs the readers’ attention while it explains who you are and what you do.
  • Complete your profile by filling in personal information such as hobbies, favorite music, and maybe your goals and aspirations.
  • Including personal information helps others want to get to know you better because you may have similar personal or business interests.

Remember to be real, when you are fake, people can see right through you.

2)Connect With Others

Connecting with others is the reason Facebook was created in the first place. To get started, search Facebook for people you may know or have done conversations with. You can also connect with new friends by viewing the friend list of your connections, you may find others that you would like to get to know better.

Unlike Twitter where you can follow anyone, Facebook requires a friend to accept your friend request. When sending a friend request, send a personalized message with your request.

There’s nothing like someone you do not know requesting to be your friend and not even introducing themselves.

Include who you are and why you want to get to know the person, your chances of getting accepted will be much higher. Once accepted, you can view your new friends' profiles and they can view yours.

3)Communicate To Friends By A Wall Post

Start communicating with your friends by posting an interesting quote, asking a simple question, or providing valuable information about your interests. here is an example

You can post on a friend's wall to say hello, give good wishes, or help friends find solutions to their business problems.

4)Update Your Status

Updating your status is similar to a wall post except it is where you post what you are up to, how your day is going, and encourage interaction between friends. This is how you develop and grow your credibility and contribute to your social media marketing.

Friends will get to know and trust you. By contributing to the conversation and posting valuable information relevant to your niche or industry you will raise your trustworthiness and become a known expert.

5)Join And Participate In Facebook Groups

Joining and participating in Facebook Groups is a great way to expand your social media marketing and get in touch with others with similar interests. Simply type groups in the Facebook search and you will see a list that includes the groups that your friends belong to.

You can also browse groups and sort them according to your interests. There are many groups to choose from and you can even start your own. Once you have joined a group,

participate by adding to the conversation; this is the way you will make additional contacts. Don’t be shy, contribute to the conversation, and introduce yourself.

How To Create Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is an important social media platform. You can generate immense leads and traffic by focusing alone on this social media platform. With organic reach decreasing, you should change your Facebook marketing plan accordingly to obtain maximum results.

You should follow the below-mentioned Facebook marketing strategies to gain maximum results.

🚀Join Groups: There are several high-quality social media groups active on Facebook. You can join these groups. Moreover, you should focus on 10 or 20 such active groups and outreach them to give us an editor or moderator role in their group as it would help you to enhance the reach of our content to more people.

🚀Share Video & Images on Facebook: Instead of sharing only text-based content, you can share videos and images on Facebook. You can simply convert already written content into simple videos and share it on Facebook. Similarly, you can share the infographic on Facebook.

🚀Run Contest: Moreover, to draw the attention of people toward your brand, you should run a bi-weekly or monthly contest on your Facebook Page. By doing this, you can attract people to our brand.

🚀Posting Schedule: You should at least share 10-15 stories on Facebook to keep your audience interested in your page. Today, a lot of similar pages to you would be active on social media so you should always be on your feet and generate interesting content to keep your audience stick with your page.

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Type Of Content You Should Promote On Facebook

✔️Contest- You should run a contest either monthly or bi-weekly to increase engagement on your page. People love to participate and win the contest. This gives them recognition and also shows that you care for them. By running a regular contest on your page you would see that your page engagement would increase and you would start getting more business.

✔️Articles- You can share one or two articles in a week on this platform. Moreover, you can share your already published content on your Facebook page.

✔️Quotes- Every day you can share a quote related to our industry on Facebook. For example, if you are running a blog on social media and internet marketing then you can pick up a handful of social media experts and gather their quotes and share them on Facebook on daily basis. Similarly every day, we can share a day related quote.

✔️Video- Video content popularity and engagement is increasing day by day. So you should not neglect the importance of it and share video content regularly on your page.

Moreover, if you are running short of ideas that what kind of videos you should share on your page so you should look at your most shared content on the website and convert it into videos and share it on your page.

Moreover, you can sneak peek at your competitor or take ideas from Google news to find what is in news and create a video on it.

Images and Infographic- You should start sharing images and Infographic on Facebook. You can share five images it could be a motivational quote or relevant industry news or a 1 Infographic on Facebook. Like This

Run Survey/ Strike Conversation- We can run a survey on Facebook to engage people. For instance, if you are running a social media blog, then you can ask people who is their favorite social media blogger or ask them what is their best strategy to drive traffic on their page or blog.

This would increase conversation and engagement on your Facebook page.


Ok now bookmark this page because I know you need this time to time whenever you are thinking about Facebook marketing strategy. Happy Blogging

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