Semrush New Branded Updates - New Pricing and Amazing Features

Do you remember a year that was worse more than 2020?  Now, this is the time to change ourselves like a new makeover. One Of The Biggest Makeover Of Online Marketing Has Already Happened Its Semrush Makeover

Meet the new look of Semrush. Semrush brand has had a makeover now they have a new logo, new price, new colors, and other new amazing features! I think it's impossible to think about SEO & Digital marketing without thinking about Semrush.

In 2008, Semrush was just an ordinary SEO tool. with a limited user base. but 12 years later it turned into a powerful platform that helps marketers and expert bloggers around the world increase their online visibility and bring more audience to their business.

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Today, Semrush has over 50 SEO tools, content marketing, advertising, social media, digital PR, and competitor research So in this article, I am going to share with you some major changes that happened with Semrush so stick with it ...

1)Big Change SEMrush To Semrush

Technically it's not changed but it's a new arrangement that looks cool. Updated brand name spelling from SEMrush to Semrush.

Semrush is an energy booster that can help marketers reach goals faster and easier.

2.Energetic New LOGO

Yes, the old classy LOGO has changed with a new cool logo a few months ago I receive a gift from Semrush here it is, Old LOGO

Now the log was changed to this which feels more energetic for me. Let me know what you think.

Semrush is the energy that skyrockets your marketing strategy

New LOGO breakdown

Fireball - the symbol of the fire has been the key of their brand from day one; it is the spark that ignites your marketing engine and the energy that keeps it going! 

The new version of the logo uses the same concept, but more compact and friendly 

New colors. Semrush main brand colors are bright orange and dark indigo! But they are now using an expanded palette of vibrant colors to add more emotion to our visual language. Starting from the official home page, the redesign will reflect all pages of the website and all Semrush products.

Semrush is a friendly brand. It shows in a warm and informal tone.

3.Semrush Pricing Change To New

When you think about whether to pay for SEMrush (oh sorry Semrush it takes time to get used to) you might initially laugh at the idea of ​​paying $ 100 a month for an SEO tool.

Semrush hasn't changed their pricing since 2017, but, as we know they bring significant improvements and add new features to their most super-powerful platform every year.

Please note that the price increase will only affect users who sign up for the package in 2021, so all of us old users will enjoy all the new perks and features at the good old price.

Let me tell you honestly, there are features in SEMrush that you won't find anywhere else, and each one is specifically designed to give you a return on your investment. It really depends on where your business is now. Here's what to expect from there new pricing plans:

Here are the main differences between the three packages: 

  • Pro - $ 119.95 per month. Designed for small companies, startups, bloggers.
  • Guru - $ 229.95 per month. Decent for small agencies, digital marketers, midsize businesses.
  • Business - $ 449.95 per month. Best suited for big SEO agencies, large businesses, and e-commerce.

As a Pro user,

if you signed up for an account in 2021, you will have to pay $ 119.95 per month - which is 20% more than the old price which was $99.95.

New Benefits


The new Pro account has enhanced capabilities - you can now set up 5 projects (previously you could only have 3) and be able to share PDF templates and your read-only projects. 

New Guru users,

Will have to pay $ 229.95 per month - which is 15% higher than the previous price which was $195.95. 

New Benefits

The Guru plan now also includes integration with Google Data Studio, the ability to create 15 projects, track 1,500 keywords, and access historical data, and the comprehensive content marketing platform Semrush that spans virtually the entire content marketing workflow. 

New Business Users

It Will Cost $ 449.95 per month, which is 12% more costly than the old plan which was a $399.95 plan.

New Benefits

Among the new benefits is that business users can now create up to 40 projects and receive estimates of their Internet voice share (SoV).

These are prices per month. You can save 16% if you choose an annual payment plan. There is also a free trial that lets you test it for free.

Try the World’s No.1 Marketing Tool Free!

4.Semrush: New SEO Toolkit Updates

This year, Semrush keyword databases have grown from 17.6 billion to 20 billion Semrush has the largest keyword base on the market. In 2018, it only included 2 billion keywords - just imagine it expanding 10 times in just two years!

New SEO Toolkit contains over 20 tools and reports to help you through every stage of your website's SEO. 

You will have access to the largest keyword database on the market (over 20 billion keywords in 142 countries). You will also get access to backlink management tools, rank tracking, on-page SEO analysis, and an SEO technical audit tool.

How To Spy On Your Competitors With Semrush

Before UPDATE you had to enter a specific country to study the key metrics of a competing site, now you can get a global overview, a global overview. On top of that, you are no longer limited to domain-level analysis as Semrush just recently rolled out sub-domain, sub-folder, and URL-level analysis, in case you only need to look at a specific section of your competitor. website. 

You will also be able to analyze up to 5 competitors at the same time with the new comparison mode - this will help you to reveal some common patterns in the performance of your online competitors and marketing strategies.

To see all of the tools in our SEO toolbox, select “SEO Toolbox” from the drop-down list in the top left menu of the interface

5.Brand New Keyword Gap Tool

The new Keyword Gap tool now offers you a number of extremely useful features: 

  • To find missing keywords that could potentially have a huge impact, check out the Top Opportunities widget and take advantage of the new Top and Volume quick filters.
  • To simplify your workflow, try the new keyword groups “missing,” “general,” “unique,” “strong,” and “weak.” Find more keyword benefits by comparing keywords not only by domain but also by subfolders and URLs.
  • Like the rest of our keyword tools, Keyword Gap is also integrated with Keyword Manager.

6.Integration with Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console, and Google My Business

This is an expensive feature that is rarely found among other tools as it requires a lot of investment and experience.
Accurately evaluate your own backlink profile and get relevant and accurate link building ideas.

if you integrate your GSC data with a backlink audit tool, Semrush will analyze your complete portfolio of backlinks in real-time and use its own toxic backlink detection capabilities to ensure you reject any in a timely manner

7.Domain Overview Tool New UPDATE

Domain OT offers a bird's eye view of any website's presence on the Internet - from counting search traffic and changing the position to backlink reviews and keyword profiles.

New Worldwide view - one of the most requested and long-awaited features - allows you to conduct competitor research and look at site metrics and global growth trends.

8.Measure Share of Voice(SoV) With Semrush Position Tracking

You can now accurately use the business impact of your SEO efforts based on a new metric - Share of Voice (SoV). While the visibility score for position tracking is calculated based on the position of the keywords on the site, the SoV also takes into account the search volume for the selected keywords and the estimated traffic to show the percentage of the market you are in for the keywords being tracked.

Look At This

Have you ever wondered who your real competitors are in organic search? Just switch to the Competitor Discovery tab and get all the domains that rank for your target keywords, sorted by visibility. Ignore domains like, and only focus on top 3, top 5, top 10, etc.

Please note: This metric is only available to the Business level plan.

9.Listing Management:More Improved Heatmap and Competitors Data

Now You can track your local SEO progress right on the heat map! The heat map feature now clearly shows historical data showing how your location has improved over previous data collection results. 
Just pick a specific date, compare it with the current date, and measure the results. The preview function in the top block displays the overall progress from month to month and allows you to switch between reports.

More data for analysis! Listing Management now provides business data about your competitors in the Local Pack - you can find it in the left block. 

Listing Management offers the ability to respond to customer reviews on Google My Business (GMB) and Facebook right from the tool. 

Local Rank Map is an advanced local ranking report that accurately tracks your company's position on Google Maps at a specific location. The report allows you to track up to five keywords at the hyperlocal level, with the ranking displayed in a heatmap around your target area.

10.More audience information and improved algorithms

Traffic Analytics Tool provides an overview of the performance of any website broken down by major traffic channels, traffic acquisition strategies, and user experience metrics.

In order to provide you with the most accurate data on the amount of traffic in the market, Semrush has improved its traffic estimation algorithm, which allows them to perform analysis at the subdomain level for various reports.

You can now compare audiences of selected websites, see how competing audiences intersect with yours, and, based on audience match, select the best partners for various marketing activities with the latest Audience Insights report.

11.Content Marketing Tools

Semrush Content Marketing Platform is fully designed and optimized to help bloggers and marketers manage their work and create content that gives value to their audience.

This toolkit makes it easy to create and improve your existing content plan, find content gaps, or research, write and audit content. These efforts can save you both time and money.

Content Marketing Toolkit

Content Marketing Toolkit

An effective content plan is based on information about your audience’s interests.

SEMrush Content Platform allows you to conduct topic research by giving you the full picture of what your audience needs in just a couple of clicks.

With this platform, you can find relevant content ideas, headlines, and questions (to optimize the SERP function); Create SEO-friendly copies or briefs customized for SERP success; track content performance, and conduct a thorough audit of existing content assets.

Other Semrush Updates

Semrush Agency Growth Kit

The agency partner platform introduces new opportunities for lead generation by creating a platform on which brands can meet with agencies for potential partnerships.
After receiving a special certificate confirming their ability to work with Semrush tools, agencies are given the opportunity to participate in the platform among other players with proven marketing experience. 

With the Agency Growth Kit, you have access to advanced reporting capabilities in the My Reports section with a range of reporting options such as branding, white-labeling, and others.

  • Sellerly by Semrush: Amazon Toolkit

Amazon Sellers can make more improvements to their product listings and drive more online visitors as Sellerly evolves into Amazon's best selling platform with the following new tools: 

To help you unlock opportunities to scale your business, they have launched Traffic Insights, which helps merchants find new customer sources by assessing traffic channels for competing Amazon products. 

For actionable tips to improve your ad's performance and visibility, use the latest Listing Quality Checker, which checks ad content for potential suspension threats and adheres to Amazon guidelines. 

Listing Protection includes an alert system (via SMS or email) that helps sellers respond instantly to listing changes and traffic loss by tracking changes in your prices or your competitors' prices, keyword positions, list suppression, and purchase boxes.

  • SEMrush acquires  PR Tech Company Prowly

Semrush, a leading platform for online marketing and content marketing, has further expanded its ecosystem by acquiring a 100% stake in the fast-growing SaaS PR startup Prowly.

  • Semrush + Yoast SEO = Oragice Traffic 

Yoast SEO Plugin now has a tight partnership with Semrush's world-famous keyword database and SEO products, offering Yoast users smart, SEO-focused keyword suggestions and data in the CMS post editor, helping content creators to improve their search engine indexability and drive the right traffic to theirs. the site at the right.


While it is impossible to list all the Semrush New Updates in one article - I believe that this article has already given you every single detail about Semrush that if you are serious about Digital Marketing Or Blogging, Semrush is your fast and last choice with digital kits. marketing. 

Considering 2020 was a crazy year full of challenges and stress, we believe Semrush has done an incredible job of keeping up with its top class features and innovative all-in-one digital marketing platform. 

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