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Rocket.net Review - Incredible WordPress Hosting + 50 % OFF Coupon


Google has officially said that site speed directly affects your site's search engine rankings.

Rocket.net Review Rocket.net Review Rocket.net Review Rocket.net Review

Hosting a WordPress site is so important that it determines its success on the search engines, so choosing a bad hosting company or a cheaper and underperforming hosting company will result in you losing a big stake, while the right hosting company will change the conditions for your success.

in this article, we'll take a look at the rocket.net review. so let's get started

☑️Rocket.net is a new Managed WordPress Provider.

Ben Gablerthe founder of Rocket.net has worked at companies such as cPanel, GoDaddy, Stackpath, HostGator, and more so your site is in the professional's hand don't worry about it.

Rocket.net is a managed WordPress hosting company offering ultra-fast and fully managed WordPress hosting solutions. With its edge cloud infrastructure, they can offer an incredibly fast platform.

They have manually created a beautiful and easy-to-use dashboard to manage all of your websites. Their hosting plans also include security, CDN, backups, and automatic updates

If you want to focus on growing your business rather than managing the technical stuff, then Rocket.net Managed WordPress Hosting might be for you.

For newbies to hosting: Hosting is essentially renting space on the internet so that you have a website.

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☑️About Rocket.net

Rocket.net is a privately held company founded in 2020 by Ben Gubler and Aaron Phillips. Both have been in the hosting industry for years and have a lot of experience.

They love WordPress and optimizing the customer experience with WordPress is one of their main promises.

☑️Rocket.net Dashboard

Another key factor to consider when choosing a web hosting solution is the look and feel of the interface and back end.

Rocket.net offers a completely customizable solution and interface that makes the process of adding domains, creating new sites, and complete site management very easy, yet visually appealing.

☑️Rocket.net Features

Rocket.net is a specialized managed WordPress hosting company. They offer managed WordPress hosting solutions for all types of websites including personal websites, blogs, business websites, e-commerce, and more.

👌Optimized WordPress hosting for better performance and speed
👌Leverage cloud edge
👌Global CDN
👌Brotli compression
👌Advanced technologies to improve performance
👌Enhanced security with a built-in website firewall
👌Anti-malware and patching
👌Brute force and DDoS protection
👌One-click WordPress installer
👌Simple one-click intermediate websites
👌Daily automatic and manual backups
👌All done from a simple mission control center
👌All plans include 24/7 support, free SSL, SSH access, Git integration, and more.

☑️Rocket.net Customer Support & Service

Not all WordPress users know the technical details behind the scenes. Even advanced users may need help from time to time. You would like to choose a hosting company with the best customer support at the time you need it.

If you're looking for a faster website with an easy-to-use control panel, then Rocket.net is a great managed WordPress hosting option for you.

Their servers are fast and optimized for WordPress websites. You also get peace of mind with enhanced security, automatic updates, and expert support.

☑️Rocket.net Hosting Price

The Entry plan is $ 25 per month

This plan offers 1 WordPress installation

25,000 visits

10 GB of storage

✅50GB Bandwidth

✅99.99% Uptime

✅FREE 24/7/365 Phone, LiveChat & Email Support

Free SSL


Rocket.net 50 % OFF Coupon =  SSDigi50   Monthly

Rocket.net 25 % OFF Coupon =  SSDigi25   Yearly

Get Started Now 

The Pro plan is charged $ 50 per month

This plan offers 3 WordPress installations

100,000 visits

20GB storage 

✅100GB Bandwidth

✅99.99% Uptime

✅FREE 24/7/365 Phone, LiveChat & Email Support 

Free SSL 

CDN, and WAF

Rocket.net 50 % OFF Coupon =  SSDigi50   Monthly

Rocket.net 25 % OFF Coupon =  SSDigi25   Yearly

Get Started Now

The cost of the business plan is $ 83 per month

✅This plan offers 10 WordPress installations

✅250,000 visits

✅40GB storage

✅300GB Bandwidth

✅99.99% Uptime

✅FREE 24/7/365 Phone, LiveChat & Email Support

✅Free SSL

✅CDN, and WAF

Rocket.net 50 % OFF Coupon =  SSDigi50   Monthly

Rocket.net 25 % OFF Coupon =  SSDigi25   Yearly

Get Started Now

Every plan comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee

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☑️Rocket.net Pros

Pros of choosing Rocket.net managed WordPress hosting

✅Fast page loading
✅Affordable price
✅24*7 support
✅High security
✅Ease of use control panel that is suitable for advanced as well as beginner users
✅Good server performance
✅Website firewall, malware protection
✅Free Migration

☑️Rocket.net Cons

Cons of using Rocket.net managed WordPress hosting

✅High price ranges

✅FREE Domains are not provided

✅Renewals are more expensive

Limited to WordPress only

Final Words

To be honest, Rocket.net is too expensive. But I must point this out. Considering the performance they provide and their great, they are very competitively priced. Only For SS Digital Blog Readers Special Discount 

Rocket.net 50 % OFF Coupon =  SSDigi50   Monthly

Rocket.net 25 % OFF Coupon =  SSDigi25   Yearly

If you're looking for a faster website with an easy-to-use control panel

Rocket.net is a great managed WordPress hosting option for you.

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