Why Cyber Security is Necessary While Doing Digital Marketing

Evolution is something that makes the world a better place for contemporary humans. Everything around us has to evolve.

In this modern world, technology advances itself every day. A thick layer of danger hidden behind the wall called technology is still unseen by many people. The advancement of technology has paved the way for various cybercrimes.

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Cybersecurity has become a matter of concern in almost all existing fields of work. People must ensure cyber safety in today's world. Especially as a digital marketer, the privacy of the customers rely on them too.

It's An Easy Crime

A digital marketing professional will have to access a lot of accounts to maintain the data of the customers. When you receive the data from your customer, it becomes your duty to keep it safe.

One might think of data theft is a straightforward problem. But it is not. The kind of crimes one can perform with illegally accessed data is innumerable.

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Every single piece of information about you can yield the cybercriminal countless wealth. Data breach has become one of the most common problems in today's world.

A lot of companies are struggling to protect their data. In a scenario like this, a digital marketing professional should never neglect cybersecurity.


Professionals might have to maintain customer's data such as their name, contact number, address, and even their bank details. When you collect these data from your customer, you must ensure the data is stored in a safe place that no kind of data breach can happen.

They must ensure that he/she keeps the passwords and other details he/she possesses safe. 

When you lose your data to any cybercrime, you tend to lose your customer's data too. Losing customer's data to cyber crimes is not as simple as we think.

Its consequences might be dangerous. When your client's data is breached primarily, they tend to lose trust in the firm you work with. And if your client files a complaint or posts a review, the problem grows indefinitely.

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Precautions To Be Taken

In the field of digital marketing, when you work as a social media marketer, you might use similar or the same passwords for all the accounts you maintain.

In a scenario like this, when one of your accounts is hacked, it's a piece of cake for your other considerations to be hacked, too

To protect your client's data, you have to protect your data in the first case. One one of the first steps to do so would be getting a secure IP address, like IP. But the measures don’t stop at that.

Not Just Some People

Cybercriminals target not just big scale companies, but small scale firms too. To be precise small-scale business firms are the ones most targeted by cybercriminals. Data theft is one of the biggest problems in today's world.

We provide easy paths for cybercriminals to take hold of our data. We grant easy access to our data through our mobile phones. Cybercriminals easily hack our mobiles and the accounts we handle through our mobile phones.

As mentioned in the beginning, evolution/development occurs in every part of the world. But there is a thick layer of danger hidden behind the wall called 'development of technology.'

This thick layer of risk is something no one should neglect, especially digital marketing professionals.

Cloud Data

In today's world, data is generally stored in two ways- in the company's campus and through the cloud. Cloud is the digital backup server an external software provides. A few digital marketers generally think that data that are stored on the company's campus are safe, and no foreign person can mishandle that data.

But the fact is any server connected to a standard internet can be accessed and abused by a cyber-criminal. It is all dependent on the firewall the company uses. People have the idea that the cloud is secure.

Yes, the cloud does provide some security. If you save data to a cloud service, you want to ensure that it is certified to the appropriate level (for example, SOC 2 Type 2) for optimum security. 

However, that is not enough to have total security. Your end devices still must interact with the data in the cloud. If your end devices are not secure, guess what hackers have access to?

That's right! That shortcut on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or PC (or IoT device) opens the door to your cloud-hosted data.

Hackers also bank on the fact that you are probably a creature of habit and convenience.

That same password that you use everywhere makes it pretty easy for a hacker.

Hack the cloud? Most providers have good security and are not falling for phishing tricks.

Hack the users using the cloud? This happens frequently.

To be clear, there is no such thing as total security. Hackers only need to find one hole in your network. Those holes are always changing - advantage hackers. 

The best practice is a layered defense incorporating up-to-date patching on all apps and OS; updated antivirus; Next Generation (nextgen) firewalls (perimeter and host-based); Managed Detection and Response/ Endpoint Detection and Response (MDR/EDR); and Secure Information and Event Management/ Unified Security Manager (SIEM/USM).


The kind of firewall we use determines the safety of our data. A firewall is a kind of software we generally use to protect our system from viruses and hackers.

A useful and ethical version of a firewall can be used to protect our data.

As a digital marketing professional, there are a few things we have to keep in our mind-

1) Use a proper version of a firewall to protect your data.

2) Do not use similar/same passwords for all the accounts you handle.

3) Protect all the devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC, etc.) with unique passwords.

4) Make sure you do not grant other people access to the accounts you handle.

5) Make sure you log out of all the devices when you are not using them.

If one follows these necessary steps, it is possible to protect your data and your client's data from cybercrimes.


As mentioned earlier, you tend to lose your client's trust when you tend to lose your data. When you lose your client's trust, it leaves a terrible impact on your company.

It is good to be unique, but it is more important to be trustworthy. With all these facts in mind, a digital marketing professional must always be alert about cybercrimes and should never neglect cybersecurity

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